Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two Years


This week marks two years since I started this little project-filled blog of mine.  To be honest I thought I’d keep up with it for about two weeks so I’m rather impressed with myself.  It’s fun sharing the projects I do around my house with all of you. But, as things get crazier in my life (i.e. keeping up with a two year old and a not even two month old), the blog slows down. 

You can bet I’m still filling my slivers of free time with projects, albeit mostly small ones that happen on a whim (like swapping out cloth napkin curtains for a fresh look in the kitchen).  Which means I’m not snapping pictures of the process or sitting down at an actual computer to write all the juicy details in a blog post.  So this blog will be a little lonely in the near future.  Luckily there’s a thing called Instagram where I hope to share pics of the projects that I start and hopefully have time to completeThere’s nothing I love more than some picture inspiration or a sneak peek into another person’s house (not in a creepy way of course), so I’ll continue to share what’s going on in mine.  It’ll just be less wordy and bloggy and more Instagram-y.  So follow along why don’t ya @lifeinprojects!

Welp, my sliver of free time is up.  Off to feed my sweet Oliver.


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  1. Liz-

    I am so glad you have kept up with this project of blogging! I always love to see what you're up to. I gave you the "Sunshine Award" from my blog! Check it out here: