Monday, April 14, 2014

Plaid Foot Stool

This thrift shop foot stool got it’s second makeover thanks to my obsession with all things plaid and my desire to add different colors into our family room (you can see the first makeover HERE).  Lately I’ve been loving red so naturally that’s the color I’ve been adding into the space.  The muted tones in this flannel fabric are a nice change from a bright, bold red.  Which is probably why I’ve used it to make a scarf and two throw pillows
The fabric I had leftover from those other projects wasn’t quite large enough to cover the stool completely.  Instead of tossing the idea out the window or purchasing more fabric, I made do with what I had.  I scrounged around my craft closet and found some gray fabric that matched the plaid nicely.  I pieced together three pieces of fabric to make one piece large enough for my project.  Once that was complete I followed the same steps as THIS tutorial.
Tada!  An instant change to this little corner of our family room.
Things in this corner actually look a little different than this picture.  Hint: Good-bye frame collage and hello shelves.  More on that another day!
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