Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Room Shelves

What do you do when you’re three days past your due date and going a little stir crazy?  You walk through Ikea in hopes of going into labor.  And then you pick up two basic shelves and hang them on your wall immediately upon returning home.  Well, that’s what I did at least.  My sprint through Ikea did not put me into labor, however, but I do love the shelves I stumbled across so I still consider it a win.


I briefly mentioned to B.J. that shelves would be nice on either side of our fireplace/t.v.  We both agreed that our walls were heavy on the frames and light on other types of wall decor.  Plus we don’t have a lot of surfaces to sit things like vases, books or other trinkets. 


I started with one side to see how I liked them.  I think I’ll eventually add two more on the left side as well.  Considering both shelves combined were around $25, adding a couple more is more than doable. 




This corner of our family room is definitely my favorite spot in the room.  Side note, seeing this picture reminds me that I should probably add a photograph to the empty frame sitting there.  Although, Libby really enjoys staring at the random dog pictured on the frame insert, so maybe not.


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