Wednesday, March 5, 2014

West Elm Rug Inspired Artwork

While browsing last month’s West Elm catalog, I came across the Torres Wool Kilim Rug and I instantly loved it.  I knew it wouldn’t make an appearance in my house with the price tag of $799, so instead I tore the image out of the catalog for future inspiration.
I was smack in the middle of cleaning up my work/craft space in office when I opened the closet and saw the catalog page hanging on the bulletin board.  Then I glanced up and saw leftover drop cloth fabric from THIS wall hanging project.  I should have continued cleaning my house and prepping for Baby Smallwood’s quickly approaching arrival, but instead, I grabbed the drop cloth and some paint to start this project.  Crafting trumps cleaning.
I had the idea of using the edge of a scrap piece of wood to stamp a design similar to the one on the West Elm rug.  I measured and cut a piece of the drop cloth to fit inside an empty white frame that wasn’t being used. 
I painted the side of the wood and started stamping.  I wasn’t being particular about making sure the design was symmetrical, which is weird for me because I typically like things balanced. 
In the end, my drop cloth art looked like this.
After it dried I attached it to the lip of the frame using hot glue and hung it on the family room gallery wall. I love the texture so it worked out perfectly that there isn’t glass for this frame.
I took down a couple things to make room for this new DIY artwork.  Even the slightest change helps keep things fresh for me.  Which is good, because otherwise I might be rearranging the furniture on a weekly basis…
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