Monday, March 10, 2014

Painted Crates

painted crates

Charley’s been in her big girl room for over two months now so we’re starting to get a good idea of how the space is used.  Besides for sleeping of course.  When we’re upstairs she does like to play in her room, so I wanted to create some more toy storage.  I had a gift card to Michael’s so I picked up two wood crates and a few acrylic paints.


I started by painting the rim of each crate bright pink.  Then I drew a design on the top of each one and painted it in.  There wasn’t a whole lot of rhyme or reason to it.  Mostly just trial and error until I liked the design and color scheme.


As for the toy boxes, they’re from Target and cost around five dollars each.  They have lids which is nice but I chose not to use them for Charley.  Right now the crates only hold a couple boxes of toys but I plan to use the tops to hold things as well.  In fact, since this picture was taken we’ve added her xylophone to the top of the long crate.  You know, so she can play her jams as she calls them.


I like how the crates fit perfectly underneath the window and in between the curtain panels.  Like they were just meant for this space. 


Eventually there will be a chair sitting in that empty corner next to the crates.  We just have to wait until Charley’s birthday in a couple weeks!

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