Friday, March 7, 2014

I Love: White Rustic Living Rooms

I’ve been really drawn to bright white rooms lately.  That’s probably why I painted Charley’s room white and added lots of color with fabric, rugs and artwork.  Our family room is a very light, cool gray, which I also love.  However, it’s very color specific when it comes to accessories and accents.  Yellow and turquoise.  I’m definitely not over those colors.  I still like the combo for sure.  I just think I’d like to make some slight tweaks to create a more neutral space where I can add a wider variety of color.  I feel a little boxed in by the specific color palette that’s currently happening.
Here are some white living rooms with a rustic vibe that I love at the moment.
rug, table, etc
leather sofa, midcentury coffee table
nuetral artwork, coffee table
I’m not planning a family room makeover by any means (you can breathe now, B.J.).  You just might notice me neutralizing a few things here and there or adding artwork or pillows that encompass more colors than just yellow and turquoise.  Oh, and this won’t be happening any time soon.  It’s really just on my “wishful thinking” list.  My first priority is delivering this baby.  soon.  like it seriously better happen soon. 
Happy Friday!
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