Friday, March 14, 2014

I Love: Meaningful Artwork

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve purchased plenty of prints or canvas art pieces from places like Ikea or Target and I’ll continue to do so if/when I find things I like.  But there’s just something special about hanging art on your wall that is meaningful in some way.  Whether you made it yourself or found it at a random antique shop, I love art that is unique to you. 
A few months ago B.J. and our great friend Ben (of Ben Elsass Photography), went downtown Cincinnati to capture some photos of Great American Ballpark and the surrounding area.  B.J. was hoping he’d take some decent photos that he could use in our basement.  Mission accomplished.  There are tons of great shots to choose from.  In fact, when I was looking through the collection, I found a few that I’d love to hang in our main living space and possibly our office. 
I already have plans for this one.  It will eventually hang in our family room.  I love the red and hope to incorporate that color into more of our home.
I’m thinking this one for our office.  Again, I love the red.
Reds_BJ-14[1] Reds_BJ-25[1] Reds_BJ-8[1]
I don’t necessarily have plans for the last few photos, I just think they’re really fun.  Added bonus, they were all taken by my husband.  (Pop on over to Ben's blog HERE to see lots more incredible shots from their day downtown!)
If you’re wondering, Baby Smallwood is still nice and cozy in my belly.  That’s why I’m posting about meaningful artwork instead of cuddling with our precious newborn.  Any day now, right?!  Happy Friday!
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