Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Freshening Up the Nursery

Considering it’s my due date today and Baby Smallwood is in no hurry to make his or her grand entrance (I blame the snow), it’s only appropriate that I make today’s post about the nursery.  Apparently I have baby on the brain.
The nursery is pretty much identical to the way it looked when it belonged to Charley.  (You can read about her nursery HERE).  I couldn’t justify completely redecorating for the second baby when it was gender neutral and only two years old.  Plus, I still love it.  I would be lying if I hadn’t thought about how I’d decorate a nursery this time around.  It would have been fun and things would look different just because. That’s the fun of decorating.  Instead of creating a whole new space for this baby, I chose to make some slight changes here and there to freshen things up a bit.
One slight change I made was updating the existing table lamp with some yarn, ribbon and my hot glue gun (more on that in a different post).  It’s a subtle change but sometimes that’s all it takes.
I added this oval mirror above the changing table that I just found at a thrift shop for five dollars.  I primed and painted it because it used to look like this…
After all, it was only five bucks.
Finally, I hung a new bird print that I picked up randomly at Ikea.  This wall space used to be occupied by three monogram C’s for Charley.  Those made the move to her big girl room so something needed to be hung in their place.  When I bought this print it was more as a quick space filler, but it actually fits perfectly in here with the colors and I really love it.  Plus, the birds mimic the ones on the mobile above the crib which is always fun.
That’s it.  Just a few minor tweaks to keep it fresh. 
What’s not pictured in this post is my hospital bag that is packed and READY TO GO!  I’m so ready to go.  I’ll even prove it by sharing this gem of a picture with you before I say good-bye.  You’re welcome.
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