Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Gift From the Little Ones

Not that anyone wants to talk about winter and snow at this point, seeing as pretty much everyone except the Cali folk are waaayyyy over it, but I thought I’d share a a winter holiday gift idea from the kiddos.  Better late than never?  I seriously meant to write this post, oh ya know, in December.  How about we just call it a winter craft that you can whip out when you’re snowed in or the temperature decides not to creep above zero and you’re about to lose your mind. 


I saw some handprint snowmen ornaments floating around Pinterest that inspired this easy craft.  These were gifts from my students to their parents so I needed to keep it winter themed.  The ornament was just a little too Christmasy. 

I purchased the frames at Ikea for 99 cents a piece, which was perfect because I was buying a class set.  I painted the top of each student’s hand and stamped it on blue construction paper.  Then they added snowflakes with a tiny wooden dowel rod.  When the paint dried, they decorated their snowmen with colored Sharpie markers.


The frame is double sided so it was perfect to add a handprint related poem to go along with the picture.  I searched the internet for ideas and tweaked one I found to make it less Christmasy and more wintery.  I printed it out with a festive border and slid it into each frame.


I’ll definitely repeat this winter holiday gift next year with my kindergarten class.  It turned out cute and (most importantly) it wasn’t complicated to do with a class of five/six year olds. 

Psst…I’ll be back another day this week with a super duper simple valentine idea that kids could pass out at school or teachers could pass out to students.  I’m sure you’re waiting on the edge of your seat right now… Pin It

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  1. Very cute idea. My son's class made turkeys with their handprints for Thanksgiving. They also look vey cute