Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quick & Easy Valentines for Kids

I always like giving my students a little something for Valentines Day.  It’s a nice bonus when I can DIY something that costs little to no money.  (Like when I made THESE bookmarks out of paint chips last year.) 
This year I went in a different direction, using small boxes of crayons.
I typed out a simple message on Word that made sense with a box of crayons and printed it out.  The message reads, “You make our classroom a colorful place!”.  Of course you could change the message to fit your needs.  I kept it super simple and used basic printer paper but you could get crazy and fancy it up a bit.
The only other supply I used, besides the crayons and printed messages, was pink patterned washi tape.
I used the tape to attach the message to the box and called it D.O.N.E.  I completed them all while my individual ramekin filled with s’mores dip baked in the oven.  In other words, it took me no time at all.   
And yes.  On Friday night I kept up with the Kardashians, stuffed my face with graham crackers and s’mores dip, and made quick valentines for my students.  Wild, I know.
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