Monday, February 10, 2014

Plaid Pillows

Because who doesn’t need more plaid in their life, right? 
Apparently THIS infinity scarf I made just wasn’t enough because I used the leftover fabric to make a couple pillows for our bed.
I might have a throw pillow problem.  Not like Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly where he violently takes a knife to every decorative pillow on his bed.  More like I can’t get enough of them and always seem to need more.  The result:  A collection of unused throw pillows in our basement.  The bright side?  I snagged a couple pillow inserts from that very collection to make these new pillows.  Let’s do the math.  Leftover fabric + unused pillow inserts from the basement = FREE PROJECT!!! 
I started by cutting four rectangles of fabric that measured one inch larger than my pillow on all sides (two pieces of fabric per pillow).  Next, I laid the right sides together and pinned three sides together, leaving a short side open.  Then, I stitched the three pinned sides, took out the pins, flipped it right side out, and stuffed it with the pillow insert.
Then came the hard part for me…blind stitching the open end by hand.  You can bet that my stitches are not so blind, but luckily I don’t see any pillow inspectors around here.
I was loving the red trays on our night stands so much that I decided we needed a bit more.  Hello, red plaid pillows!
And just to keep it real, here’s a similar picture with a little Charley photo bomb…
She was taking her bus full of watches on quite the adventure that morning. Pin It

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