Friday, February 21, 2014

I Love: Target One Spot

Last week I started this Friday series where I share things I’m loving from the blog world, websites, or whatever.  (You can read about all the pink things I love HERE). 
Today I’m here to share the obvious.  I love Target.  I also love the Target One Spot.  Because, duh, everything’s a dollar.  Which means I can buy an endless amount of things from the overflowing baskets of goodness because IT’S ONLY A DOLLAR!  Until I check out and my bill is $150.  Oops.
Regardless, that incredible little spot has been filled with really fun stuff lately.  I’m not talking about the Dora stickers or the Dora books that Charley couldn’t live without.  I’m talking about really fun treasures that everyone needs to rush out and get right now.  Here goes.

Four words.  Ribbon.  Twine.  Washi tape.  There wasn’t the slightest chance that I’d leave without these items.  B.J. might have mumbled something along the lines of me being obsessed with washi tape.  I didn’t argue.

Striped and polka dot metallic pencils?  Gold spiraled plaid notebook?  Yes, please.  I’m a huge sucker for notepads.  Always have been.  There’s just something special about a new pad of paper.  Especially when it’s cute enough to sit out on your desk or nightstand.
So that’s what I’m loving lately.  I’d also love it if this weekend brings my family something more fun than the stomach virus like last weekend did. Cheers!
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