Monday, January 6, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

Waaaayyyy back in June I created a mood board for our master bedroom.  Well I’m here seven months later to let you know that I’m dusting off the cobwebs and finally starting to bring that vision to life. 
His and Her Cozy Bedroom
Thanks to a bunch of snow that cancelled some plans, B.J. and I had a day to get a few projects done. 
First up, taking down the chocolate brown, scalloped edge valances that the previous owners hung (and we left hanging for more than three years…).  Please excuse the terrible picture that I dug out of the archives, but I wanted you to have a clear visual of what we lived with for so long. 
In their place, I hung simple, white panels (Lenda from Ikea) onto copper pipes.  We were left with a much softer, cleaner, brighter look.  Eventually we’ll get around to painting the wood trim in here, too.  Baby steps.
Next up, painting the dark brown Ikea Malm dresser.  Dark dark wood tones don’t do a lot for a room with terrible lighting.  Bring on the white paint.
I used a small foam roller for the majority of this project which made it go pretty quickly.  Thank goodness because it took four coats (five on the dresser top).  I ended up giving it two coats of Zinsser primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Natura Chantilly Lace white paint.
We’re going to add a few coats of polyurethane to the top for extra protection and possibly add some antique brass hardware, but I’d say it’s looking a whole lot better already. 
B.J.’s big project was mounting our t.v. to the wall and hiding the cords behind the drywall. 
I love it so much more than having it sit on top of the dresser.  Much cleaner.  My plan is to add a gallery wall around the t.v. to disguise it a little.
Most of the time the hardest part about a project is actually starting it.  I’m so happy we finally got that part over with.  I’d actually like to enjoy our bedroom when I’m sitting in there awake feeding our baby at all hours of the night.
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  1. Hanging the tv is a great idea. We have ours like that too and it makes the room look a lot less cluttered. Looking good!

    1. So much less cluttered! I'm just wondering what took us so long!