Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

The master bedroom t.v. is no longer floating on the wall all lonely anymore.  Now it’s surrounded by a bunch of frames.  I wanted less of a “BAM! there’s a t.v. in your face” look and more of a “there are a lot of fun frames on the wall and oh look, there’s a t.v. hiding in there” look.  Hence, the gallery wall.
I know a lot of people prefer not to have a t.v. in the bedroom, to create a more calm and serene space, where you digitally shut off.  B.J. and I are not those people.  I love getting in bed to watch a DVRed show or a quality episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  Don’t judge.  But, that doesn’t mean I love the look of a giant t.v. on the wall.  Luckily, mounting it, disguising the cords and surrounding it by a bunch of fun frames kind of distracts the eye. 

I basically created this gallery with a hodge podge of stuff: an Ikea NYC print, a wedding photo, an engagement photo, the back of a coupon (I’m not kidding), a fun photo of my niece in my high heals by the great Ben Elsass Photography, a cardboard monogram S, a Cincinnati map print from Etsy and a couple DIY pieces.
One of the DIY pieces is made from watercolor paintings created by Charley and myself.  It was her first time using watercolors so I painted along side her that day.  The other DIY piece is made up of important dates-our wedding date, Charley’s birthday and baby number two’s birthday (to be determined).  I used a sharpie and some fabric for that project. 
The first few days after I hung everything up, I just starred at it happily.  It’s such a better view than our previous one.  I love the mix of wood frames, metal frames, black frames and white frames.  It seems less formal and more collected.

I especially love this little moment happening on the dresser…
I’m happy to say that we made some more progress in here over the weekend, as in DIY night stands, a new bed frame, new bedding…can’t wait to share soon! Pin It


  1. This looks great!!! Can't wait to see how the whole room turns out.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to finish the space up, too!