Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Legging Covered Lamp Shades

pic 3
For real.  Those lamp shades are covered in tribal print leggings that I couldn’t walk past at T.J. Maxx.  I promise, I tried. 
A few weeks ago I read a post on Vintage Revivals about covering lamp shades with tights.  Genius!  I’m all the time looking at a clothing item wishing I could just frame it on the wall because I love the print so much.  I’ve thought about turning a scarf into a pillow case.  But never, NEVER, have I thought about using leggings to cover a lamp shade!  So thank you, Mandi for your out of the box thinking. 
I’ve already shared my current obsession with plaid in THIS post.  Guess what?  I’m also in love with tribal prints.  In fact, I’m on the hunt for the perfect oversized tribal print sweater.  So it was no surprise that I snatched up these leggings without much thought.
I bought a size large with hopes that I could cover two lamp shades and it worked perfectly.  You basically shove the shade into one of the pant legs and cut the fabric leaving enough to glue down.  Then you use a hot glue gun around the top and bottom rims to secure the fabric to the shade.  When everything is glued down, trim the extra fabric off for a cleaner look.  Simple as that. 
When you’re done, you’ll be left with funky lamp shades!
These will be a lot more fun on our night stands, don’t you think?! Pin It


  1. This lamp looks awesome! My room is black white and teal and this would go perfectly in it.

    1. Thanks! They sound perfect for your room!

  2. Great look! What kind of fabric is used? Spandex or a blend? Thanks for your blog!

  3. Thanks! It's definitely a blend but super stretchy.

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