Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ikea Lack Hack

lack hack
Once upon a time, I made B.J. stop and raid someone’s trash for wooden side tables I just had to have.  (Maybe you remember me lusting over them HERE.)  My plan was to sand and stain them and use them as bedside tables.  That was still my plan up until about two weeks ago.  B.J. dragged one up from the basement so I could start sanding and get an idea of the work I was in for.  I was struggling to get my electric sander into all of the nooks, mainly under each layer of the table.  In order to stain the tables I needed to get the existing glossy finish off completely.  I decided it was too much work right now.  I’m not giving up on them, but it’s just not a project I want to take on in my third trimester of pregnancy in a freezing cold garage.  My energy is dwindling fast.

Which brings me to today’s post.  Good ol’ Ikea Lack tables.

I picked up one of these $7.99 square tables just to see what it would look like next to our bed.  My intention was to use it for the time being until I got around to my original plan of sanding and staining the tables from the trash.  Then I decided I really liked the shape and size and with a little tweaking, it could look really good.  So B.J. picked up another table for me (from Ikea…on a Saturday.  Best husband award.). 
I started this hack with two pieces of birch wood from Home Depot cut to the same size as the table tops.  Next, I sanded the rough edges and stained the boards a dark walnut color.



Before I wiped the extra stain off the boards, they were super dark.  (As are these pictures because I was doing this project at 10 o’clock at night.)


After a wipe down, they lightened up a great deal.


Once the boards had a full day to dry, I attached them to the table tops with Power Grab…


…and added casters to the table legs.  Just because I like the look.  Not because they hold any sort of function for these nightstands.


Tada!  A super quick, easy, inexpensive Ikea hack!


The longest part of this project was waiting for the stain to dry.  Once that happened, it took about 15 minutes per table.  In fact, Charley “helped” me with the second one and it still didn’t take very long.  She was in charge of the drill bit and handing me the screws for the casters. 

So now we have two new nightstands for around $35.  Not too bad.  Once they’re actually sitting next to our bed and styled a bit, I’ll be sure to give you an update! Pin It

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