Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Play Kitchen Shelf


You’re looking at part of Charley’s 2nd birthday present.  In fact, so was Charley.  Oops.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re DIYing a piece of furniture in the main living area.  She watched me paint it and make and hang the curtains.  She was also standing by when I took these after pics.  Basically, she took her birthday present for a test drive and good news, I think she likes it.  Her birthday isn’t actually until March, I just needed to get moving on this before baby number two makes his/her debut.

Enough rambling.  Let’s talk repurposing furniture. 

We’re getting Charley a small play kitchen for her birthday but she’ll need some extra space and storage for her food and dishes.  A while ago I was given this wooden shelf from my mom’s cousin.  It actually looked like once upon a time it belonged to a play kitchen set.  It’s been sitting in our basement untouched for months and was way overdue for a makeover.

It was definitely a cute little shelf with lots of potential.  It just needed a little DIY love to make it belong next to the red retro vintage kitchen that Amazon will soon deliver to our door.

I started by removing the scallop wood piece, the sliding doors and the drawer handle.  Then I sanded some rough parts, primed it and painted it (paint color:  Chimney Sweep by Benjamin Moore).
Collage 4
Collage 1

After the paint dried, the fun part began.  I “wall papered” above the shelves with houndstooth wrapping paper, added stainless steel contact paper to the counter top, lined the drawer with fabric, added a new drawer handle and replaced the sliding doors with curtains.
collage 2

Then, the really fun part began.  Just like when I was a kid.  I set it all up and then didn’t play.  That aggravated my sisters so much.  No matter if we were playing office, school, house, or kitchen.  I’d set everything up and then quit.  This time though, I set it up for the pictures and to see how it would work out for Charley, not to actually play with it of course.  Although, I’m a little bit in love with it and wish it was time to give it to Charley so I could in fact play.

Like I said, Charley got a sneak peak at it and even played a little.  Before long, she had everything tucked away behind the curtains.  Even baby doll.
When her birthday actually rolls around and her kitchen is all set up in the playroom, I’ll be sure to share an update with you all.  Have a great weekend!

P.S. I’m linking up at Vintage Revivals for the Rock What Ya Got Party.  Hop on over to check out the super creative projects people have done using something that’s been stashed away in their basement or garage.  You might wanna grab a yummy cup of coffee or tea, you’re going to be there for a while.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fancying Up Basic Plant Pots

collage 3

I love house plants and think they can add so much life to a room.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a good track record with the kind that need water and attention.  As in, ones that are alive.  I tend to do better with the faux plant variety.  Luckily, Ikea has some great ones to choose from.  You can find them popping up all over my house. 

It’s really no surprise that I picked up two more to add to our nightstands (you can read about those HERE).  I like the way the look and they’re toddler and dog approved.  I decided not to put them inside a different, more decorative pot.  Rather, I hit up my craft closet for a few simple items that would add a little something to the basic black pots.

Collage 1

All you need is some ribbon or twine and a hot glue gun.  I chose gray pleated ribbon for one and just wrapped it once around the lip of the pot, hot gluing along the way.  For the second one, I used twine and tied it under the lip to secure it and then wrapped it down the pot.  I used a few dots of hot glue to hold the twine in place along the back.






Super simple and quick.  It’s nice to do those sorts of crafty projects every now and then.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Pia Wallen Cross Blanket Inspired Artwork

Wow, that’s a mouthful.  Good news.  This DIY artwork is easier to make than it is to read that title ten times fast.
While browsing through an Apartment Therapy House Tour, I came across an image with a Pia Wallen cross blanket tossed on the bed.  I immediately started searching the internet to see how much these blankets run.  I really really really wanted one for my wall.  As in, framed artwork above our master bed.  My search was quickly brought to a hault when the price tag of $398 ($398!!!) glared me in the face. 
image via Terrain
Clearly I wasn’t about to spend that amount on a blanket.  for my wall.  So I turned to the next best thing…DIY it!  At first I was thinking about painting black crosses on a canvas or paper and framing it.  I also thought maybe I could find a fabric that was a replica of the real thing.  I searched but came up empty handed.  That’s when my super artsy friend, Christina, gave me a brilliant idea.  Felt!  It resembles the wool look of Swiss blankets.  And.  It’s super inexpensive. 
I spent a whopping eight dollars or so on a yard and a half of tan felt and four pieces of black felt.
First, I measured and cut my tan fabric to the size of the frame.  Then, I cut the black felt into 1 1/2 x 4 inch strips.
Next, I laid out my crosses in three rows and spaced them out as evenly as possible.
Finally, I hot glued them down and put it in a frame.
I love how it turned out and can’t wait to get it up on our wall.  Unfortunately I have to be patient and wait until our headboard project is complete (or started for that matter).  But don’t worry.  We snapped a couple pics to get a general idea of how it will look in our room. 
Despite the preschool picture smile I’m sporting in that top photo, I think this DIY artwork is going to look great in our room! Pin It

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DIY Nightstands: Functional & Styled(ish)


Last week I shared our Ikea lack nightstands that I hacked just a bit.  (You can read more about them HERE.)  The stained wood tops finally aired out enough to bring upstairs and I’m happy to say we have functional bedside tables now.  Our water glasses are happy about this, as well. 


I wanted our nightstands to be uncluttered without being too plain.  Insert wooden tray.  My philosophy is if it’s contained in a basket (or on a tray), it’s basically neat and tidy.  I found these two red trays at Crate and Barrel.  Thanks to two gift cards and a coupon, I only spent $10 out of my own pocket.  Totally worth it. 

Underneath each table I sat a large basket to store things like throw blankets, magazines/books, extra remotes and soon to be baby supplies for those middle of the night feedings.  They also block lamp and phone charger cords which helps with the uncluttered look

The trays are so large (16 in. x 16 in.) that I decided to sit the lamps right on top of them as opposed to behind them.  Which by the way, I think the legging covered lamp shades are looking pretty fun in here!


I’m happy with how things are coming along in here.  Lots of different patterns and textures, which I love love lovePin It

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Bed (Minus a Headboard)


I am beyond excited about our new bed frame and our new bedding.  Prior to last week we had a West Elm queen size platform bed.  There was just one problem.  We have a king size mattress.  Long story but we needed new mattresses a couple years ago so we chose to buy king size with the hopes of upgrading to a king size bed.  It worked on the queen size bed because the wood frame stuck out enough to hold the larger mattress, it just wasn’t ideal.  Annnnyway.  I’m happy to have a bed frame that is meant for our king size mattress. 


We opted for West Elm’s simple white bed frame without a headboard attached.  A couple weeks before Christmas they had a bedroom furniture sale so we snagged it while it was 25% off.  I wanted a basic frame that wouldn’t dictate the style of our room.  I can see us having it for a long time, no matter how many times I want to change the look of our room.
I bought the bedding during another one of West Elm’s sales back in July.  We’ve just been waiting to use it until we got started on our bedroom.  It was sort of like motivation to get the ball rolling.  Only it didn’t work that well seeing as that was six months ago.  Regardless, I love the pinstripes and subtle yellow trim and I’m very happy to finally be using it.


Eventually we’ll add a wood headboard, I’m just not sure when.  We have a plan of action in terms of what wood we’re going to use and how we’ll attach it to the wall.  That’s a start, right?!  In the mean time, I’ll be enjoying the progress we’ve made so far!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ikea Lack Hack

lack hack
Once upon a time, I made B.J. stop and raid someone’s trash for wooden side tables I just had to have.  (Maybe you remember me lusting over them HERE.)  My plan was to sand and stain them and use them as bedside tables.  That was still my plan up until about two weeks ago.  B.J. dragged one up from the basement so I could start sanding and get an idea of the work I was in for.  I was struggling to get my electric sander into all of the nooks, mainly under each layer of the table.  In order to stain the tables I needed to get the existing glossy finish off completely.  I decided it was too much work right now.  I’m not giving up on them, but it’s just not a project I want to take on in my third trimester of pregnancy in a freezing cold garage.  My energy is dwindling fast.

Which brings me to today’s post.  Good ol’ Ikea Lack tables.

I picked up one of these $7.99 square tables just to see what it would look like next to our bed.  My intention was to use it for the time being until I got around to my original plan of sanding and staining the tables from the trash.  Then I decided I really liked the shape and size and with a little tweaking, it could look really good.  So B.J. picked up another table for me (from Ikea…on a Saturday.  Best husband award.). 
I started this hack with two pieces of birch wood from Home Depot cut to the same size as the table tops.  Next, I sanded the rough edges and stained the boards a dark walnut color.



Before I wiped the extra stain off the boards, they were super dark.  (As are these pictures because I was doing this project at 10 o’clock at night.)


After a wipe down, they lightened up a great deal.


Once the boards had a full day to dry, I attached them to the table tops with Power Grab…


…and added casters to the table legs.  Just because I like the look.  Not because they hold any sort of function for these nightstands.


Tada!  A super quick, easy, inexpensive Ikea hack!


The longest part of this project was waiting for the stain to dry.  Once that happened, it took about 15 minutes per table.  In fact, Charley “helped” me with the second one and it still didn’t take very long.  She was in charge of the drill bit and handing me the screws for the casters. 

So now we have two new nightstands for around $35.  Not too bad.  Once they’re actually sitting next to our bed and styled a bit, I’ll be sure to give you an update! Pin It

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

The master bedroom t.v. is no longer floating on the wall all lonely anymore.  Now it’s surrounded by a bunch of frames.  I wanted less of a “BAM! there’s a t.v. in your face” look and more of a “there are a lot of fun frames on the wall and oh look, there’s a t.v. hiding in there” look.  Hence, the gallery wall.
I know a lot of people prefer not to have a t.v. in the bedroom, to create a more calm and serene space, where you digitally shut off.  B.J. and I are not those people.  I love getting in bed to watch a DVRed show or a quality episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  Don’t judge.  But, that doesn’t mean I love the look of a giant t.v. on the wall.  Luckily, mounting it, disguising the cords and surrounding it by a bunch of fun frames kind of distracts the eye. 

I basically created this gallery with a hodge podge of stuff: an Ikea NYC print, a wedding photo, an engagement photo, the back of a coupon (I’m not kidding), a fun photo of my niece in my high heals by the great Ben Elsass Photography, a cardboard monogram S, a Cincinnati map print from Etsy and a couple DIY pieces.
One of the DIY pieces is made from watercolor paintings created by Charley and myself.  It was her first time using watercolors so I painted along side her that day.  The other DIY piece is made up of important dates-our wedding date, Charley’s birthday and baby number two’s birthday (to be determined).  I used a sharpie and some fabric for that project. 
The first few days after I hung everything up, I just starred at it happily.  It’s such a better view than our previous one.  I love the mix of wood frames, metal frames, black frames and white frames.  It seems less formal and more collected.

I especially love this little moment happening on the dresser…
I’m happy to say that we made some more progress in here over the weekend, as in DIY night stands, a new bed frame, new bedding…can’t wait to share soon! Pin It

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Legging Covered Lamp Shades

pic 3
For real.  Those lamp shades are covered in tribal print leggings that I couldn’t walk past at T.J. Maxx.  I promise, I tried. 
A few weeks ago I read a post on Vintage Revivals about covering lamp shades with tights.  Genius!  I’m all the time looking at a clothing item wishing I could just frame it on the wall because I love the print so much.  I’ve thought about turning a scarf into a pillow case.  But never, NEVER, have I thought about using leggings to cover a lamp shade!  So thank you, Mandi for your out of the box thinking. 
I’ve already shared my current obsession with plaid in THIS post.  Guess what?  I’m also in love with tribal prints.  In fact, I’m on the hunt for the perfect oversized tribal print sweater.  So it was no surprise that I snatched up these leggings without much thought.
I bought a size large with hopes that I could cover two lamp shades and it worked perfectly.  You basically shove the shade into one of the pant legs and cut the fabric leaving enough to glue down.  Then you use a hot glue gun around the top and bottom rims to secure the fabric to the shade.  When everything is glued down, trim the extra fabric off for a cleaner look.  Simple as that. 
When you’re done, you’ll be left with funky lamp shades!
These will be a lot more fun on our night stands, don’t you think?! Pin It