Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Two Years


This week marks two years since I started this little project-filled blog of mine.  To be honest I thought I’d keep up with it for about two weeks so I’m rather impressed with myself.  It’s fun sharing the projects I do around my house with all of you. But, as things get crazier in my life (i.e. keeping up with a two year old and a not even two month old), the blog slows down. 

You can bet I’m still filling my slivers of free time with projects, albeit mostly small ones that happen on a whim (like swapping out cloth napkin curtains for a fresh look in the kitchen).  Which means I’m not snapping pictures of the process or sitting down at an actual computer to write all the juicy details in a blog post.  So this blog will be a little lonely in the near future.  Luckily there’s a thing called Instagram where I hope to share pics of the projects that I start and hopefully have time to completeThere’s nothing I love more than some picture inspiration or a sneak peek into another person’s house (not in a creepy way of course), so I’ll continue to share what’s going on in mine.  It’ll just be less wordy and bloggy and more Instagram-y.  So follow along why don’t ya @lifeinprojects!

Welp, my sliver of free time is up.  Off to feed my sweet Oliver.


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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fabric Flower Pot Cover

This should really be titled ‘super fast and easy flower pot cover that requires zero thought’ because it’s that simple.  I picked up a couple succulents to use as a centerpiece on our Easter brunch table. I wanted to spruce up the basic pots without replanting them in different containers.  My plan was to keep these plants around our house after Easter came and went so I didn’t want to do anything permanent.

All it took was some twine and leftover fabric.  I’m guessing you can figure out what I did next.  I cut the fabric, sat the plant on top of it, pulled the fabric up and tied it with twine.  Easy, painless and removable, which is what I was going for.


Here’s how they looked on our Easter table.


Now that Easter is over I can easily remove the fabric and twine.  Hopefully at some point these succulents will be hanging next to my kitchen window.  If I don’t kill them first…
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Room Shelves

What do you do when you’re three days past your due date and going a little stir crazy?  You walk through Ikea in hopes of going into labor.  And then you pick up two basic shelves and hang them on your wall immediately upon returning home.  Well, that’s what I did at least.  My sprint through Ikea did not put me into labor, however, but I do love the shelves I stumbled across so I still consider it a win.


I briefly mentioned to B.J. that shelves would be nice on either side of our fireplace/t.v.  We both agreed that our walls were heavy on the frames and light on other types of wall decor.  Plus we don’t have a lot of surfaces to sit things like vases, books or other trinkets. 


I started with one side to see how I liked them.  I think I’ll eventually add two more on the left side as well.  Considering both shelves combined were around $25, adding a couple more is more than doable. 




This corner of our family room is definitely my favorite spot in the room.  Side note, seeing this picture reminds me that I should probably add a photograph to the empty frame sitting there.  Although, Libby really enjoys staring at the random dog pictured on the frame insert, so maybe not.


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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meaningful Artwork Part Two

I posted about how I love meaningful art on the walls a few weeks ago.  You can read about it HERE if you need to jog your memory.  One of those photographs B.J. took in downtown Cincinnati has finally made it onto our wall.  Our family room wall, in fact, and I love it.


It’s the perfect bit of color in an otherwise white space of the room.  Mostly, it’s unique and taken by my husband.  Can’t beat that.




Anyone else swapping out artwork on your walls like a crazy person?  

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Gallery Wall Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I know we sure did!
I mentioned before that the week before Oliver was born I was on a project frenzy around my house.  We could blame it on nesting or the fact that I had a week off of work that I didn’t expect thanks to little man’s late arrival.  Everyone told me to rest up and relax while I could.  Apparently swapping out artwork and changing up frames on our family room gallery wall is my kind of relaxing.
Here’s how it looks above our couch today.
And here’s what it looked like a few short weeks ago.  Ya know, before my frenzy.

The only thing new I bought for the wall was the white and cork frame from Target.  I actually picked it up when it was on sale without any real idea of where it would go.  It turns out I love it with the hand drawn arrows I quickly threw in there.
The light wood frame holds a scrap of fabric that I love but never found a good use for until now.
I printed out the 5 on cardstock to represent our family of five (Libby included!).  Plus it was my soccer number and B.J.’s, too, way back when we were soccer super stars.  The framed canvas art was a DIY project you can read about HERE.
I still may change out the button art.  It just doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the wall.  Although, that’s not really on the top of my priority list of things to do, like laundry and dishes and taking care of my two littles.  Pin It

Monday, April 14, 2014

Plaid Foot Stool

This thrift shop foot stool got it’s second makeover thanks to my obsession with all things plaid and my desire to add different colors into our family room (you can see the first makeover HERE).  Lately I’ve been loving red so naturally that’s the color I’ve been adding into the space.  The muted tones in this flannel fabric are a nice change from a bright, bold red.  Which is probably why I’ve used it to make a scarf and two throw pillows
The fabric I had leftover from those other projects wasn’t quite large enough to cover the stool completely.  Instead of tossing the idea out the window or purchasing more fabric, I made do with what I had.  I scrounged around my craft closet and found some gray fabric that matched the plaid nicely.  I pieced together three pieces of fabric to make one piece large enough for my project.  Once that was complete I followed the same steps as THIS tutorial.
Tada!  An instant change to this little corner of our family room.
Things in this corner actually look a little different than this picture.  Hint: Good-bye frame collage and hello shelves.  More on that another day!
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ikea Poang Arm Chair + Ribbon Detail


Our sweet Charley turned two.  Two!  Where does the time go?  One of her presents was an Ikea Poang Arm Chair for her bedroom.  I like the shape and size and even the natural wood and cushion, but it needed a little personality to fit in Charley’s colorful room. 

POÄNG Children's armchair IKEA Easy to keep clean since the cover can be machine washed. Matches POÄNG armchair in adult size.

I contemplated painting the wood a bright color or using fabric paint to spice up the cushion, but ultimately I chose to add simple ribbon detail using pieces I already had on hand.  A little ribbon and a hot glue gun is all it took.


The chair fits perfectly in the corner by the window and Charley fits perfectly inside it.  It’s actually really sweet seeing her climb up there with a book.




It’s fun adding little bits to Charley’s room as we see how she uses the space.  Like the painted crates as toy storage and a little shelf to hang her necklaces (more on that in a later post). 


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet Oliver!

Or as Charley calls him…Oviler. 


Baby Smallwood arrived on March 17th, hence the crickets that have been chirping on the blog.  We were so surprised when the doctor said, “It’s a boy!”  B.J. and I were convinced we were having another girl but our St. Patrick’s Day good luck charm is a sweet little boy named Oliver.  We couldn’t be more in love.


Charley is already an incredible big sister and she is adjusting so well.  We love being a family of four (five including Libby Pup)!



Obviously this little guy requires a lot of my attention so things will be a little sparse around here.  Baby trumps blog.  However, I was in super project mode before Oliver made his grand entrance so when I have a spare minute or two I just might blog about it. 

Okay, I’m off to cuddle with my baby boy.


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Friday, March 14, 2014

I Love: Meaningful Artwork

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve purchased plenty of prints or canvas art pieces from places like Ikea or Target and I’ll continue to do so if/when I find things I like.  But there’s just something special about hanging art on your wall that is meaningful in some way.  Whether you made it yourself or found it at a random antique shop, I love art that is unique to you. 
A few months ago B.J. and our great friend Ben (of Ben Elsass Photography), went downtown Cincinnati to capture some photos of Great American Ballpark and the surrounding area.  B.J. was hoping he’d take some decent photos that he could use in our basement.  Mission accomplished.  There are tons of great shots to choose from.  In fact, when I was looking through the collection, I found a few that I’d love to hang in our main living space and possibly our office. 
I already have plans for this one.  It will eventually hang in our family room.  I love the red and hope to incorporate that color into more of our home.
I’m thinking this one for our office.  Again, I love the red.
Reds_BJ-14[1] Reds_BJ-25[1] Reds_BJ-8[1]
I don’t necessarily have plans for the last few photos, I just think they’re really fun.  Added bonus, they were all taken by my husband.  (Pop on over to Ben's blog HERE to see lots more incredible shots from their day downtown!)
If you’re wondering, Baby Smallwood is still nice and cozy in my belly.  That’s why I’m posting about meaningful artwork instead of cuddling with our precious newborn.  Any day now, right?!  Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Freshening Up the Nursery

Considering it’s my due date today and Baby Smallwood is in no hurry to make his or her grand entrance (I blame the snow), it’s only appropriate that I make today’s post about the nursery.  Apparently I have baby on the brain.
The nursery is pretty much identical to the way it looked when it belonged to Charley.  (You can read about her nursery HERE).  I couldn’t justify completely redecorating for the second baby when it was gender neutral and only two years old.  Plus, I still love it.  I would be lying if I hadn’t thought about how I’d decorate a nursery this time around.  It would have been fun and things would look different just because. That’s the fun of decorating.  Instead of creating a whole new space for this baby, I chose to make some slight changes here and there to freshen things up a bit.
One slight change I made was updating the existing table lamp with some yarn, ribbon and my hot glue gun (more on that in a different post).  It’s a subtle change but sometimes that’s all it takes.
I added this oval mirror above the changing table that I just found at a thrift shop for five dollars.  I primed and painted it because it used to look like this…
After all, it was only five bucks.
Finally, I hung a new bird print that I picked up randomly at Ikea.  This wall space used to be occupied by three monogram C’s for Charley.  Those made the move to her big girl room so something needed to be hung in their place.  When I bought this print it was more as a quick space filler, but it actually fits perfectly in here with the colors and I really love it.  Plus, the birds mimic the ones on the mobile above the crib which is always fun.
That’s it.  Just a few minor tweaks to keep it fresh. 
What’s not pictured in this post is my hospital bag that is packed and READY TO GO!  I’m so ready to go.  I’ll even prove it by sharing this gem of a picture with you before I say good-bye.  You’re welcome.
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Painted Crates

painted crates

Charley’s been in her big girl room for over two months now so we’re starting to get a good idea of how the space is used.  Besides for sleeping of course.  When we’re upstairs she does like to play in her room, so I wanted to create some more toy storage.  I had a gift card to Michael’s so I picked up two wood crates and a few acrylic paints.


I started by painting the rim of each crate bright pink.  Then I drew a design on the top of each one and painted it in.  There wasn’t a whole lot of rhyme or reason to it.  Mostly just trial and error until I liked the design and color scheme.


As for the toy boxes, they’re from Target and cost around five dollars each.  They have lids which is nice but I chose not to use them for Charley.  Right now the crates only hold a couple boxes of toys but I plan to use the tops to hold things as well.  In fact, since this picture was taken we’ve added her xylophone to the top of the long crate.  You know, so she can play her jams as she calls them.


I like how the crates fit perfectly underneath the window and in between the curtain panels.  Like they were just meant for this space. 


Eventually there will be a chair sitting in that empty corner next to the crates.  We just have to wait until Charley’s birthday in a couple weeks!

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