Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Roll Out the White Paper

In the midst of decorating for Christmas last weekend, I got way off track and started organizing/rearranging the playroom.  That sounds about right.  One thing led to the next and before I knew it the table and chairs were moved, toys were reorganized and Charley’s easel made its way to the basement.

That brings me to today’s post.

A while ago I brought up an old easel for Charley to play with.  The only thing it was used for was to hold her roll of art paper.  I decided it was taking up more space than it was worth and it was really too tall for her anyway.  So adios, easel.
After a quick trip to Ikea, I had the materials I needed to put the roll paper to better use.  All it took was a super cheap curtain rod and a metal hook.  It takes up way less space and now it’s at an appropriate height for Charley to do her thang.   Like draw Dora, Boots and Ellen (as in, DeGeneres).  I’m not even kidding.
We came across this snowman pail with our Christmas decorations.  It’s perfect for holding a few crayons and some chalk.
As of now the paper just hangs down the wall freely.  I have plans to attach a couple upside-down clothespins to the wall just above the baseboard.  This way there will be something to hold down the paper tightly when it wants to flip up.
Anybody else frantically organizing and getting way off track in the midst of holiday decorating?  I think I’m trying to prepare myself for the toy explosion that’s bound to happen in a few short weeks.  Pin It

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