Friday, December 20, 2013

Paint Marker Ornaments

Are you in the mood to do a mindless craft while watching Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat?  I can’t be the only one who finds pure joy in that. 
But seriously, this is a super easy Christmas craft that you or your kids could partake in.  All you need are some bulb ornaments and paint markers.  I found clear ornaments for 70% off at Michael’s.  I was actually looking for white for the sheer fact that they’d show up better on our tree, but no such luck.  The paint markers I have are Sharpie brand.
Then, you settle in on the couch, turn on a sappy Hallmark movie and start coloring designing!  I chose to do scallops, dots, stripes and chevron.  The scallops took a little thinking and my first one is a little wonky.
Here are a few hanging on our tree.  The black scallop one barely survived a game of fetch that Charley tried to start with Libby.  I’m still not sure how she got it off the counter in the first place.  These suckers are a lot tougher than they look apparently!
Can you believe we’re just days away from Christmas?  I’m going to try and slow down so I can soak it all up before it’s over.  Pin It

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