Monday, December 16, 2013

Office Closet Makeover

When we made the office/guest room/big girl room switch, I started thinking of better ways to organize our office and craft supplies.  It was the perfect time to tackle this job because the office closet would be Charley’s new closet.  Which meant everything had to be cleaned out any way, why not organize it in the process.  The fact that all of our stuff was being moved to a different space made a huge difference.  I was starting with a blank slate as opposed to trying to reorganize an existing space.
I started with my craft supplies.  I wanted the majority of this stuff to be behind closed doors instead of in desk drawers in the main office space.  Charley loves opening and closing drawers and most of these supplies are small and unsafe for toddlers. 
I bought inexpensive cardboard boxes from Ikea and stored like items inside each.  Things like ribbon, sewing supplies, card making supplies and stamps, just to name a few.  The big red bins are from Target and they hold things like paint and other art materials.  Oh, and one holds a bunch of cd’s.  Random, I know.  This shelf also holds our wireless printer so it’s not taking up space in the office.
I hung a big bulletin board above the shelf to collect those little items I never know where to put.  Like magazine clippings or sweet notes from the husb.
Wrapping paper was something that took up a lot of floor space in our old office closet.  We had it stored in one of those Rubbermaid bins made specifically for wrapping paper.  Our extra gift bags and tissue paper were tossed in a different bin that took up even more floor space.  Not anymore.  I tied three pieces of string from the back of our shelf to the front.  Now our wrapping paper lays neatly in what used to be wasted space.  The tissue paper got stuffed in a gift bag along with other extra bags.  Those all hang from three hangers on the right side of the closet.
Also on the right side is a white shoe organizer.  Obviously it’s not being used for shoes, rather things like batteries, 3M hooks, flash drives, memory sticks, printer ink, ear phones, you know, all the things that usually get tossed in a junk drawer.  I plan on labeling each compartment so it’s even easier to find what we’re looking for.  The basket on the floor just holds a laptop bag and our camera bag.
The left side of the closet holds a sweater organizer (towel holder? days of the week clothes sorter?).  I’m using it to store all of my printer paper and craft paper.  Down below is a sewing box and behind it sits my paper cutters. 
The top shelf holds three wire baskets.  The basket on the left is filled with extra canvases and scrapbook stickers.  The middle basket is filled with extra fabric (my favorite).  And the basket on the left is for computer related items, like our external hard drive, our mini photo printer and extra speakers.
So far my organization system is working out really well.  Everyone knows right where to find everything.  Including Charley.  She knows right where the paint is and every time these closet doors open, she thinks it’s time to paint. Pin It

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