Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adding a Little Function to Charley’s Closet

I started with the fun stuff in Charley’s closet.  Like a book nook, a hanging light fixture, artwork and pretty curtains. 
Now it’s time to add a little function.  I tried to think about what Charley really needed in her closet and one thing instantly came to mind.  Holding baskets for clothes that are too big or too small.  We have been super blessed with great hand-me-downs and I need a place to store the items that aren’t the right season or are just too big.  I also like a place to put pieces that are too small until I’m ready to store them in a bigger bin in the basement.  Sometimes a few items will be too small but other items in the same size still fit.  I’d rather wait until she grows completely out of that size so all the clothes can go to the basement together. 
I found a couple basic white fabric bins at Ikea for 5.99 a piece.  I thought they’d be perfect for the job.  Also, they collapse so if we find that we don’t need them we can always store them flat. 
I added simple labels to each bin using left over fabric from Charley’s dresser drawers, brown cardstock and fabric glue. 
They add just enough color to the otherwise boring white bins. 
Now we have some useful storage bins which also provide a great back drop for the light fixture that used to fade into the walls.  Win win! Pin It

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