Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Start of a Gallery Wall

I love me a good gallery wall.  If you’ve been hanging around with life in projects for a while you’ve seen one or two pop up around our house (like here, here, here, here and here).  Okay, maybe more than one or two.  Apparently I have a thing for frame collections on walls. 


The wall above Charley’s dresser is big and white and empty.  My solution: A gallery wall.  Obviously.  Unfortunately I don’t have a grand after picture to share with you today, more like a progress picture.  The frames are hung and two of them are filled.  The other three, well at least they’re hung. 


You may recognize the framed stack of books and the framed love t-shirt from Charley’s playroom.  I drew the stack of books years ago and B.J. and I both thought the colors went perfectly in here.  I just love the love t-shirt so it made the cut.  We have a big picture to go in the gigantic frame that clearly hasn’t made it’s way in there yet.  I may need to cut the mat to fit the picture, hence the delay.  It will read mostly white so try to imagine that.


As for the other two empty frames, I just haven’t decided what to fill them with yet.  Possibly a picture of Libby in one because that’s Charley’s BFF, ya know. 


This wall is definitely not complete but it’s a start.  Now I just need to do something with the playroom, seeing as I raided the gallery walls in there.  I’m thinking empty white frames for artwork compliments of Charley and Baby Smallwood.  Progress in one area always leaves more work in another.  Funny how that happens.

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