Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: Baby Buggy


While thrifting a couple weeks ago I came across this baby doll buggy stroller.  The fabric was definitely not my style and at first I walked right past it.  But when I found myself circling that area over and over again, I decided I needed it.  Well, Charley needed it.  Have I mentioned that she loves, like LOVES LOVES, babies and baby dolls?  It’s true.  She has a few baby doll items on her Christmas list so this was the perfect addition.  Before I bought it I made sure that I’d be able to get rid of that fabric without damaging the basket.  There was wire involved in that get up but all it took was some pliers and scissors to get the job done.


It was already looking much better sans fabric.  I contemplated leaving it like this, but let’s be honest, I had to get my hands on it.  I started by painting the legs.  I’ve been loving pink and red together so that’s immediately where my head went. 


But I wasn’t sure about that, so I added a little red(ish) paint to the top of the basket in hopes that it would tie into the wheels.


I didn’t love that either.  In the end, I decided the legs needed to be fresh, bright white.  So now it looks like this:


I love it!  What’s even better, it only cost twelve dollars and a little paint.  Libby likes it, too.  Or maybe she just likes her picture taken. 


Thrift shop transformations are so satisfying, don’t ya think?  Let’s take a look at how this sweet little buggy has changed.


I think it’s ready for Christmas morning!

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  1. That buggy is adorable! What a great find!

    1. Thanks! I'm so happy I didn't leave the store without it!