Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Pegboard Art


I wanted Charley’s big girl room to be filled with bright colors and this new art piece is definitely helping the cause.  It was inspired by an image from HGTV magazine that Mandi from Vintage Revivals blogged about.   It seemed easy, fun, colorful, unique and inexpensive.  Basically, perfect for what I had in mind.


I started with a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of pegboard from Home Depot.  It set me back eight dollars and some change.  After I primed one side, I began taping off and painting different size sections.  I used a mixture of paint I already had around the house from previous projects.  Some were paint samples and some were acrylic craft paints.


I just kept taping and painting, taping and painting.  I worked on it one evening after Charley went to bed so it was a relatively quick project.  Plus, the CMA’s were on TV.  All in all, a great evening.



When Charley walked into her new “broom” as she calls it (you know, short for bedroom), she said, “WOW!!!” when she looked up at the new art on the wall.  I think that means she likes it!

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  1. Mandy has some great ideas. I think the colors you chose for this project are perfect for the big girl room. Looks great.