Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Closet Nook

Charley’s closet is gettin’ fancy!  It’s by no means done, but there’s definitely stuff to talk about so I thought I’d update you on the progress.  Last time you saw the closet it looked like this:
Boring and beige.  That about sums it up.  We took the doors off to avoid smashed toddler fingers and also to create a little getaway for Charley.  It will still function as a closet up top for hanging clothes, blankets, extra clothes, etc., but down below will be dedicated to playing. 
Let me break it all down for ya.  The curtains are from Target.  The pom pom detail at the top had me from hello.  Obviously.  I used a tension rod to hang them in between the door frame and I found some hooks from Anthropologie to hold them back on either side.  I love the contrast of the citrus yellow next to the turquoise walls, which by the way is called Synergy by Sherwin Williams, color matched to Benjamin Moore.  The hanging lamp is also from Target.  It sort of fades into the wall right now but eventually I’ll put some baskets on the shelf to organize clothes and they’ll act as a backdrop for the geometric fixture.  It’s a plug-in light so I ran the cord down the door frame and strategically hid it behind the curtain.  Hopefully out of sight, out of mind will be true in this case. 
Copy of DSC_0159
Some of you might recognize the black and white striped headboard from the old guest room.  I decided it would function nicely as a comfy back rest when Charley is reading.  It’s not attached to the wall right now but I plan to hang it with picture hooks.  The pillow was a gift to me from B.J. a couple years ago.  It’s from Anthro and the rug was a $9 clearance find at Homegoods.  Oh, Homegoods, how I love you.
On the right side of the closet I hung a couple Ikea spice racks to hold books.  Charley helped carry a few books upstairs to fill the shelves.  She couldn’t have been more excited.  I hung them at a height where she can easily take them in and out.  It’s been fun watching her use this space already and it’s not even finished!
The left side of the closet is bare right now.  I’m not really sure what the plan will be for that area yet, but I’ll certainly keep you posted! Pin It

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