Monday, November 25, 2013

Charley’s Big Girl Room


I’ve been sharing Charley’s big girl room project by project (which you can read about here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), and today I thought I’d share some pictures of how it’s all coming together.  Our plan is to make the big move from nursery/crib to big girl room/bed in a few short weeks when we’re both on Christmas break.  I know.  I can’t believe it’s seriously time for that either.

On a positive note, I love this new space and can’t wait to spend more time in here with Charley. 


Besides a gallery wall above the dresser, I hadn’t given much thought as to what I’d put on the walls before I started decorating the room.  I basically waited for other things like the curtains and the bed to come together before I made any decisions.  I ultimately decided to dig out the fabric banner that I made for Charley’s first birthday.  I hung it asymmetrically above her bed and added a couple C’s that used to hang in her nursery.  I love that it cost me zero dollars and it’s super meaningful at the same time.


I’m not sure if I’ve talked about the bedding at all so here goes.  The duvet, throw blanket and black and white pillow are all from Ikea.  The sheets were a $7 Target clearance find (woo woo!), and the colorful pillows are from Pier 1 that I bought a long time ago.  I should probably mention, too, that the rug is from Ikea and the poof was another Target clearance purchase.


I’ve added a few baskets around the room that will eventually hold dress-up clothes or other toys.  I found the two black and white ones next to the dresser at Homegoods.  They were inexpensive and easy for Charley to get things in and out of on her own.



Behind the bedroom door I hung a mirror at toddler height.  It has already been a great source of entertainment.  For Charley, but also for me when I see the silly faces she makes in the mirror.




That’s what’s going on in the big girl room!  It’s all ready for Charley to move in.  Wish I could say the same for B.J. and myself!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Start of a Gallery Wall

I love me a good gallery wall.  If you’ve been hanging around with life in projects for a while you’ve seen one or two pop up around our house (like here, here, here, here and here).  Okay, maybe more than one or two.  Apparently I have a thing for frame collections on walls. 


The wall above Charley’s dresser is big and white and empty.  My solution: A gallery wall.  Obviously.  Unfortunately I don’t have a grand after picture to share with you today, more like a progress picture.  The frames are hung and two of them are filled.  The other three, well at least they’re hung. 


You may recognize the framed stack of books and the framed love t-shirt from Charley’s playroom.  I drew the stack of books years ago and B.J. and I both thought the colors went perfectly in here.  I just love the love t-shirt so it made the cut.  We have a big picture to go in the gigantic frame that clearly hasn’t made it’s way in there yet.  I may need to cut the mat to fit the picture, hence the delay.  It will read mostly white so try to imagine that.


As for the other two empty frames, I just haven’t decided what to fill them with yet.  Possibly a picture of Libby in one because that’s Charley’s BFF, ya know. 


This wall is definitely not complete but it’s a start.  Now I just need to do something with the playroom, seeing as I raided the gallery walls in there.  I’m thinking empty white frames for artwork compliments of Charley and Baby Smallwood.  Progress in one area always leaves more work in another.  Funny how that happens.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: Baby Buggy


While thrifting a couple weeks ago I came across this baby doll buggy stroller.  The fabric was definitely not my style and at first I walked right past it.  But when I found myself circling that area over and over again, I decided I needed it.  Well, Charley needed it.  Have I mentioned that she loves, like LOVES LOVES, babies and baby dolls?  It’s true.  She has a few baby doll items on her Christmas list so this was the perfect addition.  Before I bought it I made sure that I’d be able to get rid of that fabric without damaging the basket.  There was wire involved in that get up but all it took was some pliers and scissors to get the job done.


It was already looking much better sans fabric.  I contemplated leaving it like this, but let’s be honest, I had to get my hands on it.  I started by painting the legs.  I’ve been loving pink and red together so that’s immediately where my head went. 


But I wasn’t sure about that, so I added a little red(ish) paint to the top of the basket in hopes that it would tie into the wheels.


I didn’t love that either.  In the end, I decided the legs needed to be fresh, bright white.  So now it looks like this:


I love it!  What’s even better, it only cost twelve dollars and a little paint.  Libby likes it, too.  Or maybe she just likes her picture taken. 


Thrift shop transformations are so satisfying, don’t ya think?  Let’s take a look at how this sweet little buggy has changed.


I think it’s ready for Christmas morning!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pom Pom Curtains


I’m a big fan of white curtains, but with the white walls in Charley’s new room, I felt these needed a little something extra.  A little color and a little whimsy.  I love the sweet detail on the Ikea panels so I mimicked that with pom pom ribbon. 


I laid the curtains on the ground and used liquid stitch to attach the ribbon to the inside edge of each panel.  I used red for more than half of the length, but finished it with pale pink.  I’m loving the contrast.


Instead of a regular curtain rod, I used a copper pipe from the plumbing section at Home Depot.  It’s a fun little surprise when you look up.  It’s those unexpected things that make a room extra special.


For the life of me I couldn’t get a good photo of the whole window with the finished curtains.  Perhaps I’ll have some luck when I take some pics of the whole room for you soon.  Slowly but surely it’s coming along!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Pegboard Art


I wanted Charley’s big girl room to be filled with bright colors and this new art piece is definitely helping the cause.  It was inspired by an image from HGTV magazine that Mandi from Vintage Revivals blogged about.   It seemed easy, fun, colorful, unique and inexpensive.  Basically, perfect for what I had in mind.


I started with a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of pegboard from Home Depot.  It set me back eight dollars and some change.  After I primed one side, I began taping off and painting different size sections.  I used a mixture of paint I already had around the house from previous projects.  Some were paint samples and some were acrylic craft paints.


I just kept taping and painting, taping and painting.  I worked on it one evening after Charley went to bed so it was a relatively quick project.  Plus, the CMA’s were on TV.  All in all, a great evening.



When Charley walked into her new “broom” as she calls it (you know, short for bedroom), she said, “WOW!!!” when she looked up at the new art on the wall.  I think that means she likes it!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Closet Nook

Charley’s closet is gettin’ fancy!  It’s by no means done, but there’s definitely stuff to talk about so I thought I’d update you on the progress.  Last time you saw the closet it looked like this:
Boring and beige.  That about sums it up.  We took the doors off to avoid smashed toddler fingers and also to create a little getaway for Charley.  It will still function as a closet up top for hanging clothes, blankets, extra clothes, etc., but down below will be dedicated to playing. 
Let me break it all down for ya.  The curtains are from Target.  The pom pom detail at the top had me from hello.  Obviously.  I used a tension rod to hang them in between the door frame and I found some hooks from Anthropologie to hold them back on either side.  I love the contrast of the citrus yellow next to the turquoise walls, which by the way is called Synergy by Sherwin Williams, color matched to Benjamin Moore.  The hanging lamp is also from Target.  It sort of fades into the wall right now but eventually I’ll put some baskets on the shelf to organize clothes and they’ll act as a backdrop for the geometric fixture.  It’s a plug-in light so I ran the cord down the door frame and strategically hid it behind the curtain.  Hopefully out of sight, out of mind will be true in this case. 
Copy of DSC_0159
Some of you might recognize the black and white striped headboard from the old guest room.  I decided it would function nicely as a comfy back rest when Charley is reading.  It’s not attached to the wall right now but I plan to hang it with picture hooks.  The pillow was a gift to me from B.J. a couple years ago.  It’s from Anthro and the rug was a $9 clearance find at Homegoods.  Oh, Homegoods, how I love you.
On the right side of the closet I hung a couple Ikea spice racks to hold books.  Charley helped carry a few books upstairs to fill the shelves.  She couldn’t have been more excited.  I hung them at a height where she can easily take them in and out.  It’s been fun watching her use this space already and it’s not even finished!
The left side of the closet is bare right now.  I’m not really sure what the plan will be for that area yet, but I’ll certainly keep you posted! Pin It

Monday, November 4, 2013

Do You Have Three Minutes and a Boring Lamp Shade?

Seriously.  Three minutes is all you need.  And some ribbon.  And some hot glue or liquid stitch.
Charley’s white lamp shade was fading away into the white walls.  It needed an accessory to fancy it up and make it stand out.  My first thought was pom pom ribbon like I did on the family room lamps.  But then I came across this pink pleated ribbon at Michaels’s and quickly changed my mind.
I’m out of glue sticks (#craftemergency), so I used liquid stitch for this little project instead.  I just put a line of glue on the bottom edge of the shade and laid the ribbon over top.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  It doesn’t stick right away so if you misplace it by accident you can move it around a bit.  I think it takes about 30 minutes to dry completely. 
I spent any spare time I had this weekend in Charley’s new room doing projects here and there.  There’s nothing on the walls but I have bedding, curtains and a closet nook to share with you soon! Pin It