Monday, October 7, 2013

Two-Toned Chest of Drawers

Do you remember way back in the summer when I made a mood board for our master bedroom?  You can click here to jog your memory.  Spoiler alert.  We haven’t made any progress on that.  Not any real progress any way.  Mostly just ideas swirling around in my head. 

We have a black-brown chest of drawers and dresser in our room currently and I’m ready for a change.  I want something lighter and brighter.  I thought the white version of the same pieces would work better so instead of buying new I thought I’d try painting them. 


I had never painted Ikea furniture before.  I often wondered if the paint would peel right off it’s glossy, faux wood finish.  The key to that not happening is a good stick-to-anything primer.  Ahem, Zinsser 123 primer.  You’d think I was getting kickbacks from that company as much as I name drop them, but no, I just love the primer and it sticks to every surface. 

Originally I was going to paint the whole chest white, but before I did that I thought I’d try out the two-toned look.  I painted the drawers white and left the rest alone. 


I like the way it turned out but I’m not sure it’s the look I’m after.  I’ll probably paint the other dresser the same way and live with it for a little while until I know for sure. 



I haven’t reattached the hardware yet because I think I have other plans.  It involves scraps of pallet wood.  I’ll keep you posted. Pin It

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