Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paying it Forward Painted Pumpkin Style

Today marks the start of Sophia’s 3rd Annual 40 Day Challenge.  Where you spend the next 40 days paying it forward, big or small, in memory of Sophia Jane Smallwood. You can click HERE to learn more about Sophia’s story and get all the deets on the challenge. 

Last year I paid it forward by DIYing a dollhouse/bench and a lego table/bench for two patients at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.  This year I’ve been thinking about the older generation and decided to donate some fall cheer to a nursing home.  I’m going to paint 40 pumpkins (one for each day of Sophia’s little life) and deliver them to a local nursing home to brighten up their lobby or rooms.  Side note:  Once upon a time I painted pumpkins for a pumpkin patch in my hometown.  I’d pick up the pumpkins, paint funny faces or festive scenes, return them when they were ready to sell, and walk away with one dollar per pumpkin.  Not a bad gig when you’re a kid.

I’m looking forward to hearing how you might pay it forward over the next 40 days in Sophia’s memory!

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  1. Cute idea Liz! I remember painting those pumpkins in hs as well!