Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let’s Get This Party Started

In t minus two hours the painter will be in this very room to get the party started.  He might not realize it’s a party but I’ll be dancing and singing when Charley’s big girl room makeover is underway.  Currently the walls are warm gray and the trim and doors are brown wood.  That combo makes for a pretty drab space because the room doesn’t get a ton of natural light.  And don’t let B.J.’s super awesome college doom room lamp fool ya, it doesn’t put off very much light either.  Speaking of which, that thing needs kicked to the curb stat.
The painter will be making the wood trim magically turn white in this room and the guest room/new office area.  He’s also painting the ceiling in Charley’s new room.  Once he is finished, B.J. and I will paint Charley’s walls.  We decided to hire out for the trim and doors because I threw in the towel brush on that job, but the walls we can handle. 
What used to be the guest room will now be the new office (and will eventually double as a guest room, once we get a pull out couch or a day bed).  The old office will be Charley’s new room.  Did you get all that?  Our upstairs is in serious limbo right now and our basement is suffering from the switch as well.  That’s why I’ll be singing and dancing when the painter arrives. 
I’m so anxious to get to the fun part.  I have so many ideas swirling around in my head for the new spaces.  Hopefully I’ll have an update to share soon! Pin It

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