Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Scarecrow Costume

I’m a sucker for an easy DIY Halloween costume.  When I was growing up my mom made the majority of our costumes and I always loved it.  My most vivid memory is when my older sisters dressed up as a pair of dice, each wearing gigantic boxes.  Oh the good ol’ days.
This year I thought Charley would make a cute scarecrow.  My goal was to throw together a simple version that would be comfy enough for an 18 month old to tolerate.
I started by gathering supplies that I would definitely need and some that I’d try out.  I didn’t have a specific plan when I started but I knew I wanted some fabric patches, straw pieces and some sort of hat.  The toughest part of the whole process was tracking down overalls at a decent price.  My sister saved the day when she dug out my niece’s old pair from her basement.  I found the plaid shirt in the boy section of a discount store for 4.99 and we already owned the hat.  The wooden bird, ribbon and fabric were leftovers from old projects.  So as you can see, I didn’t spend very much on this costume.
I used fabric glue to attach patches to the knees and a glue gun to attach straw to the pocket. It turns out, what I thought would be the knee area on the pants actually fell somewhere near the bottom of Charley’s leg.  She gets her height from her dad.
I wanted straw coming out from the bottom of the pants but I didn’t want it to be itchy on Charley’s legs.  I decided to glue the straw to a piece of felt first and then attach the felt to the inside of the pants with safety pins.  This way the felt will be against her legs, not the straw.
Unfortunately, after one wear the straw was breaking off.  Charley would walk and I would follow, picking up straw pieces along the way.  On to plan B: felt straw.  I’ll just cut some thin strips of felt and attach it to the inside of the pant legs using liquid stitch.
Yesterday Charley got to try out her new costume at her friend’s Halloween play date.  Minus the straw trail she was leaving behind, it was a success.  Well, we didn’t attempt the hat.  It came along for the ride but never made it on to her head.  At least her pig tails stayed in and she let me draw a triangle on her nose.  I’ll take what I can get.
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