Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Red Bed

Back in August B.J. and I went to the City Flea, a great urban flea market in Cincinnati.  We were expecting to visit some awesome booths, eat some delicious food truck food, and maybe walk away with a couple random treasures.  What we didn’t expect to happen was find the perfect bed frame for Charley.  BUT…we did!
It’s red, metal and perfectly vintage.  I wanted it the second I saw it.  I quickly dragged B.J. away from the t-shirt booth so I could show him this fabulousness in hopes that he would love it, too.  And, he did.  The best part, it was only 80 bucks.  For realz.
We contemplated painting it but ultimately decided we loved the color and the scratches.  I mean, that’s what caught my attention in the first place.
When we first put the box spring and mattress on the bed it was super high.  Like, no way could Charley get up or down by herself safely.  Our solution was to lay 10 1x4’s from one side of the bed frame to the other to create slats, similar to a platform bed.  This way, we only need to use the top mattress.  Hasta la vista eight inches of box spring. 
Now Charley’s red bed is an appropriate height and I can rest easy.  And her polka dot bedding?  So cute!  Can’t wait to show you more details! Pin It

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