Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome to the Playroom, Little Mint Table

I bet you’ve been in suspense wondering where Charley’s table is living in our house.  If the title of this post didn’t give it away, maybe this picture will.
That’s right.  It found a perfect spot in the playroom.  Perfect because it fits nicely, but also because it’s right next to Charley’s play kitchen.  Now the fruit basket can sit on the table instead of the washing machine.  Perfect I tell ya.
This wall used to be home to two adult chairs and a side table with a lamp.  I always knew that would be a temporary seating area and as Charley grew things would change.  No need for adult seating when you have a toddler.  Do parents of toddlers ever sit down?  I’m thinking not. 
Where were we?  Oh yes, the side table and chairs.  I moved the table back down to the basement (B.J. and the couch down there were very happy to have it back), I moved the wooden adult chair to the basement storage, and obviously the other chair just got pushed a little to the side but not completely out of the room.  It’s definitely a better use of this area now that Charley’s a little bigger.  Plus, how sweet does the table look centered under the banner?
And, I’m loving the red and mint combo that’s going on.  I think this little table is here to stay.  Pin It

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