Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Mint Table

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I spent some of mine painting Charley’s table and chairs that I talked about last week.  (You can read more about how I sanded the table top down to it’s bare bones here.)  After weeks of school related projects, it felt good to get something done around my house.  Let’s all take a moment to remember what this table looked like last week.
And now it’s looking a little bit more minty fresh.
I chose the color mint because, well, it’s my favorite right now.  I’ve been drawn to it in clothing, accessories and home decor, so it really wasn’t a tough choice for this little table.  But also, mint complements a lot of colors in our house.  I wanted the table to be versatile.  It could easily live in our family room with the turquoise and yellow, but it could also work well in the playroom with the punches of red.  First, I tested it out in the family room.   
I think it looks cute sitting next to the big windows.  Oh, and I love the paint dipped legs on the chevron rug.  Can’t forget to zoom in on that little detail.
It’s a subtle contrast against the white legs, but paint dipped anything is always fun in my opinion.
Before I bid you farewell today, I should probably share the deets on the process of this painting project, huh?  I used Zinsser 123 primer and brushed on one coat on the table top and the chairs.  Then I painted two coats of Behr’s Chilled Mint in a satin finish.  I tried to be careful not to leave a lot of brush strokes.  The key is super thin coats of paint, probably my biggest struggle.  The next day B.J. kindly took the table and chairs to the garage and sprayed three coats of polyurethane for added protection.  After all, this is a table for a one and a half year old.  It’s bound to get beat up.
I’ll be back soon to share the fate of this little mint table.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s not living in our family room. Pin It

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