Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Felt Board for Toddlers


Charley is really into leaves right now.  Her favorite thing is to bring me her shoes and say outside.  When we get outside, she walks around the yard collecting leaves.  We have countless leaf collections. 

That brings me to today’s project.  A fall leaf themed felt board.  DIY of course.  I started with a large empty frame, a large sheet of white felt and small pieces of fall colored felt.


I started by cutting the white felt a tad larger than the picture frame insert.  I removed the glass and framed the white felt.  Then I cut out a tree trunk and three main branches. 


Next, I cut various shaped leaves using red, yellow and orange felt.  I also cut out some green grass.  Then, you leave it sit out for your toddler to find when she wakes up in the morning.


It took Charley approximately two seconds to rip every piece of felt off the board.  After playing with it for a few days, I decided to hot glue the grass and tree to the white felt, making only the leaves removable.  I think this works best for a young toddler.  I wanted Charley to have fun collecting the leaves and putting them back on the tree.  Having the grass and tree part of the permanent background makes it much easier for her little hands to do that.


Now she can grab a leaf, add it to the tree and go on her merry way.


I like that this basic tree background can be used for many other felt board activities, as well.  Snowflakes in the winter, flowers in the spring, you never know!

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