Monday, September 9, 2013

Books, Books and More Books

The dine-in library shelves are looking a little more full these days and I like it.  Back in this post on bookshelf styling, I mentioned that I wanted books lining the shelves from side to side and less “other stuff” filling in the space.  At that time we didn’t have enough books to completely capture that look.  And while it’s still not the exact look I’m after, it’s a little bit closer.  All thanks to a huge tub of books that was donated to my Mother-in-law.  She passed it down to me to rummage through and I basically used them all.  It didn’t make the world of difference but if you look closely you can tell the shelves seem a little more full.
Oh, and please excuse the terrible lighting.  I guess that’s what happens when you paint a dark color in room that doesn’t get a ton of natural light.  (And perhaps my rookie camera skills have something to do with it.)
more books
By the look of this next before and after pic, most of the books in the big tub went to the right side of the shelf.
more book shelf
So that’s that.  More books.  Fuller shelves.  Happier me. Pin It

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