Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sanding Isn't So Bad When... have an electric sander!  In fact, sanding furniture might be considered fun now.  Here's proof.  My sister was going shopping, she wanted to know if I wanted to come along, I said no thanks because I wanted to try out my new sander.  That's right.  I passed up shopping for sanding. 

You're looking at my early birthday present from my mother and father-in-law.  I've come a long way from only wanting shoes and handbags.  I still want those things, too (ahem B.J.),  I'm just broadening my horizons a little. 

So this past weekend I took my new sander for a test run on the perfect piece of furniture.  For seventeen months I've had this child-size table and chairs in the basement.  In fact, I purchased it from a thrift shop on the same day I went to the hospital to deliver Charley. 

I'm sad to say that this wasn't it's original "before" state.  The table was actually the same wood color as the chairs, only it had a painted stencil detail on the top.  A few weeks after Charley was born I was going a little stir crazy and whipped out the paint.  I planned on painting it all white, but after a coat of primer and two coats of paint, the stencil detail was still visible.  This must be when the sleep deprivation kicked in and I started painting stripes with random colors I had on hand.  But I didn't stop there.  I glued a piece of scrapbook paper to the center of the table.  Why, you ask?  Lack of sleep I suppose. 

In the end, the table and chairs were left in the basement unfinished.  I decided I'd deal with my DIY disaster when Charley was big enough to actually use the furniture.  Fast forward 17 months and I'm dealing with this mess. 

I started out with coarse sandpaper and after 45 minutes or so the table top was down to bare wood.  Then I quickly went over it with finishing sandpaper to make it nice and smooth.

I didn't even have the sander plugged in for five minutes before B.J. swipped it out of my hands.  Throw an electric tool into the mix and all of a sudden he's interested in the project!

I was happy when I finally got past all of the coats of paint and the stencil detail was showing through. 

Here it is when the sanding was complete.  You can totally see where the stenciling was but the whole top is smooth.  It's definitely ready for a fresh coat of primer and paint.

Hopefully I'll start painting it sooner than later.  Probably when the beginning of the school year craziness wears off.  Pin It

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