Monday, August 19, 2013

Revisiting the Summer To-Do List

Summer is officially over, at least by a teacher's standards (insert sad face here), so I thought now was as good a time as any to revisit the ol' summer to-do list I created before summer had officially begun.  I'm a big list person and I love love love to cross things off.  I'll even add something to the list that I've already done just so I can cross it off.  There's nothin' better than a completely crossed off to-do list, am I right list-people?  I'm sad to say that this is not, I repeat, NOT one of those lists.  I had some lofty goals set for my self.  There was one small problem with that, the part where SUMMER FLIES BY!  One day you're leisurely sipping coffee on the deck at all hours of the morning and then bam, Target's back-to-school section is where the party's at.

Without further ado, my list.

1.  Discover new thrift shops

2.  Finish painting the wood trim and doors in our house

3.  Paint the dining room a moody gray/green/navy color

4.  Take weekly family trips to the farmer's market

5.  Go on a picnic with B.J., like the one he planned for (what he calls) our official first date

6.  Go to the City Flea in Cincy

7.  Build a headboard for our bed that mimics this one from West Elm

8.  Go on a  Pedal Wagon bike tour in downtown Cincy like the one we did for my 30th birthday

9.  Take time to read a good book-it's been too long

10.  Of course, soak up every.single.second with Charley

Six out of ten, not terrible I suppose.  Let's chat about those unfinished things though, shall we? #2:  I finished the downstairs and called it quits.  I'm so over painting trim.  We got a quote from a painter for the upstairs.  Perhaps we'll chip away at it over time. #4:  We went to the farmer's market once this summer, a far cry from weekly trips.  #5:  Does dining al fresco on our deck count?  I didn't think so.  #7:  I feel like I could cross this off halfway because it's in the works.  Sort of.  I'm not building a headboard but we are having a bed built by a family friend.  So it's in progress, just not cross-off-the-list worthy just yet.

Anyone else trying to tackle their list before the school bell rings?  It's too late for me because school is back in full swing.  I'm sure the sporadic posts, or lack there of, might have given that away.

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