Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buffet Styling

I don't know about you but I often find it tricky to style table tops, like credenzas, buffets,  and entryway tables.  Emily Henderson makes it look so easy.  She creates the perfect mix of textures, shapes, and sizes, and it always looks put together and effortless at the same time.  I'm jealous I tell ya.

I find myself looking closely at magazines, blogs and Pinterest to see how other people style their table tops, so I thought I'd share what my dining room buffet looks like right now.  There are definitely some tweaks that need to be made, but it's working for right now.

On the left side sits our wine holder and B.J.'s whiskey decanter.  As you can see, he has yet to put whiskey in it.  Apparently he doesn't want to pretend to be on the set of Mad Men as much as I thought he did.

Leaning against the back wall are two picture frames.  The large frame is one of the tweaks I was talking about.  I'm not crazy about the color of the wood, at least for this particular spot, and I'd like to frame something different.  Both of those photographs are hanging in our hallway already, so they are definitely temporary.  I'm thinking I'd like to frame a couple handwritten recipes that are special to us and paint the large frame. 

On the right side is a faux plant, a geometric lamp and a told giraffe statue (thrift shop find!).  The plant holder is from Crate and Barrel for-evah ago and I found the lamp on serious clearance at Target.  Thank you, Nate Berkus. 

Finally, I displayed a couple pieces from our wedding china in the front with some fun striped napkins.  You know, just in case we spill some of our invisible whiskey.

So there you have it, our dining room buffet.  Anyone have any tricks for getting the perfect, yet effortless looking table top?  I don't have any tricks, I just play around with it for hours and hours. Pin It

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