Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sharpied Side Table

I've been hoarding a little birch stool since college because I keep finding ways to use it wherever I live.  It's been a vanity stool, a side table next to a futon in my first apartment (classy, I know), and it's even spent a little time in Charley's nursery holding her humidifier.  It's been around I tell ya. 

And guess what, friends?  I found new home for this (obviously) versatile piece of furniture.  It's going to live in the library dining room as a side table next to our comfy, thrifted chair.  But first, it needs to get fancy.  When I began this little project I spray painted it all white, but as soon as I was done, I knew it needed more.  I decided to cover the top of the table and spray the legs metallic copper.  The same color I painted the floor lamp in the family room. 

The two-toned table was looking much better.  But I decided more is more, so I kept going.  I was headed in the direction of drawing stripes on the top with a black Sharpie when I remembered a canvas basket I pinned a little while ago.  I remembered the geometric semi circles and quickly changed my mind.  Semi circles, here I come.

I'm kinda smitten with the new look of this old stool.  Not to mention, this side table cost me a whopping zero dollars.  Zero is my favorite number when I'm talking about cost of a project.

When I was finished drawing and coloring the table top, I sprayed it with a couple coats of polyurethane for a little extra protection.

Anyone else drawing all over furniture with a Sharpie marker?  Perhaps you've done some Sharpie wallpaper, like this on Vintage Revivals?  I've always been a Sharpie lover, now I may be an addict.  I'll be back on Friday with our library dining room reveal!
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  1. yes I love it too, I had this one cool table I did a cool mural on and did it all in blues and greens, it had people and dragons, on it and all kinds of cool things. somnewhere I lost my audacity for spray painting furniture, i guess getting with my ex boyfriend who is a naturalist and believes painting wood is an atrocity. now i have black bookshelves and a cheap table i am using in my bedroom and a weird black half moon desk for my computer, all of it donated and all of it from walmart and target, and it looks so clumpy in my white apartment bedroom i share with my baby. i want to spruce up my room but im jobless, and more importantly, lacking direction in which way to go with my furniture. Im thinking of spray painting it all. :) So it will match at least, though as to whether or not it wil solve my problem of creating an atmosphere, and it matching well, is another quandry. I didn't have much stuff when i moved in here, as i lost almost everything and i mean EVERYTHING. i only had a couple bags of clothes, and now i have some stuff and share the room with my toddler. wish i had the creativity and decisiveness to create something with it! To express whatever it is that is in my heart and head. many things. guess maybe..just's figuring out what thtat is? anyhow, on a good note, i think about it a lot and will figure it out some day i know it. and it will be authentic!!! I love reading your blog, and just found it, i love it because we seem to share some similar ideas, like about artwork and spray painting furnture. haha it's great i love your home and it's so cute!!! you're so creative its awesome!