Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack!

My little family of three packed up the Jeep and went to Hilton Head for a week in paradise.  That's where I've been the past week and that explains why there have been crickets chirping on the ol' blog.  I brought the laptop in hopes of blogging throughout the week, but ahem, that didn't happen.  I'm actually super impressed that I let myself DO NOTHING during Charley's naps and do MORE of nothing after she went to bed.  We were lazy.  Like lazy lazy, and I loved it.  I'm a little nervous that I might not snap out of that vacation mode now that we're home.  Oh well. 

To buy myself some time before I get down to for realz blog business (as if this is a business), I thought I'd share a few pics that capture our time down south.  If you're thinking that we propped our feet up, sipped cocktails by the pool, lost track of time, and relaxed the day away, think again.  Vacation with a one-year old is sooooo not like that.  Especially when she thinks walking is pretty darn cool.  So basically, Charley walked, and we chased her.  No wonder we were lazy during her nap time!  It's all makes sense now.

Anyway, grab yourself a fruity beverage, throw an umbrella in it, and enjoy the show.  I'll be back soon with our regular scheduled programming.

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  1. Charley looks so cute snd happy. Great pics!

    1. Thank you! She absolutely loved the beach!