Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fabric Table Runner and a Gold Tray

When I chose to paint the dine-in library a dark moody color, I wished our dining table was either white or warm, rustic wood, not dark dark dark black-brown.  I still love the size and shape of our table so I definitely wanted to work with it in the room.  In hopes of helping it stand out against the dark walls, I decided to DIY a simple bold striped table runner.  (You might recognize the fabric from Charley's floor pillow.)

I don't even have step by step pics for ya because it all happened so fast and it was that easy.  I cut the fabric to size and used liquid stitch to hem all four sides.  I would have hemmed it with a sewing machine if I hadn't jammed it so. terribly. bad.  (Note to self:  Fix the sewing machine).  Once all four sides were "hemmed" I used the liquid stitch to add white pom pom ribbon to the short ends.  The ribbon was also leftover from my niece's doll bed project.  That means I spent zero dollars on this quick project!

I love the look of a tray in the center of a big table, filled with all kinds of stuff.  Every time I browse West Elm's catalog, I check out their lacquer trays, especially the gold one.  I decided to save the $32 and give an unused red tray a new look.

We've had this red plastic tray from Target for a few years, but rarely use it.  I was sure a little gold Rustoleum spray paint (and a coat of polyurethane for protection) would give it the look that I was after.

And it did!  It doesn't even look plastic to me anymore.  I topped it with a couple books, a ceramic jar, a plant and a few cloth napkins.  I was going for a casual cozy look, the same look that I wanted this whole room to capture.

So anyone using old fabric for a new project?  Or turing a cheap looking item into something a little more glamorous?  All you need is a little liquid stitch and spray paint apparently.  Pin It

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