Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Game Crate

There's something about a cozy dine-in library that requires board games readily available, no?  Not that B.J. and I whip out Scrabble to play after dinner.  We certainly do not.  Wordfued, maybe, but Scrabble not so much.  However, when we have friends and family over The Game of Things has been broken out once or twice.  Regardless of how much we play games though, I like the idea of displaying a few in a cute rolling crate, for ambiance if nothing else. 

You've seen those unfinished wood crates at Michaels or Joann's, yes?  They are somewhere between ten and twelve dollars a pop.  I had one holding some puzzles for Charley but swiped it for this project.  Don't worry, her puzzles have a new home.  I sprayed it with Krylon's Sea Mist (or something along those lines).  It's sort of a minty-aqua color.  In some of these pics it's reading more turquoise, but turquoise it is not.  Then I found a set of four casters at Home Depot and attached one in each corner.  Pretty simple.  If you have a drill and a screwdriver, this project's for you.

See what I mean about the turquoise?  Don't let this next pic fool ya. 

Once I filled the crate up with games, I sat it under the book ledges in the dine-in library.  Don't be surprised if I pick up another crate to make a second.  I think two would look much better sitting there.  Maybe one for adult games and one for kid games?  Sounds like a plan.

So, has anyone else turned one of those wood crates into something fun?  Do share!  And have a great weekend!
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