Monday, July 8, 2013

Dine-In Library: Bookshelf Styling

A dine-in library needs lots of shelves and lots of books or else it's just a dine-in room, a.k.a. a dining room.  The picture in my head has wall to wall shelves FILLED with books, as in, no room for anything else but books.  Things don't always pan out exactly like I envision, though.  We have a ton of books, but not quite enough to pack the shelves like I had hoped.  But that's okay.  That just means I can continue buying books for a while before we run out of room to house them.  That also means that the way the shelves are "styled" today, may not be the way they look tomorrow.  They'll be forever changing as I make room for new books.  Like The Babysitter's Club series I'm still waiting for from eBay...

When it came to deciding how to group the books on each shelf, I basically sorted them by genre or topic-fiction, children's, sports, education, cooking, photo albums, yearbooks, etc.  Then there are some series of books that go together and then there are some complete random books sporadically placed.

I stood some books upright, laid some down in stacks, and faced some outward.  Placing them in all different directions keeps things interesting and takes up different amounts of space both vertically and horizontally.

I filled in blank spots with picture frames and other trinkets, like vases, canisters, bowls and figurines.  I tried to keep those accessories white for a cleaner, brighter look.  However, I couldn't pass up this framed picture, even though it's not white, because how fitting is this pose next to the series of Sweet Valley High books? 

Finally, on top of the short, middle book shelf, I sat a book I just purchased in New York, a tree monogram from Anthropologie, and a small metallic vase I found on serious clearance at Target.

I probably arranged and rearranged these shelves a thousand times.  Like I said, they don't look exactly like I had planned, but that's okay because there's still room to grow.  Pin It

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