Wednesday, July 31, 2013

De-Chevroning the Family Room

Is de-cheronving a word?  I'm guessing not.  Remember the gigantic chevron rug I was so happy to find?  Well I'm still so happy with it but its bold presence has required a little de-chevroning elsewhere in the room.  I was getting a zigzag stomachache.

My first order of business was the coffee table.  A while back I covered the glass with a gray and white chevron fabric that I loved, but unfortunately it no longer made sense in the room.  It was fighting a losing battle against the big rug.

See what I mean?

This was a quick fix.  I found a black and white patterned fabric at Hobby Lobby that complimented the rug instead of working against it.  I peeled off the old fabric and used spray adhesive to attach the new.  Easy peasy.  That's the nice thing about spray adhesive, you can peel old stuff right off without any blood, sweat or tears.

I love quick fixes.  There are a couple other accessories in the room that needed the boot thanks to the Big Bad Rug and I'll be sharing those soon.  Anyone else dealing with zigzag stomachaches or pattern overload?  Do tell.

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