Wednesday, July 31, 2013

De-Chevroning the Family Room

Is de-cheronving a word?  I'm guessing not.  Remember the gigantic chevron rug I was so happy to find?  Well I'm still so happy with it but its bold presence has required a little de-chevroning elsewhere in the room.  I was getting a zigzag stomachache.

My first order of business was the coffee table.  A while back I covered the glass with a gray and white chevron fabric that I loved, but unfortunately it no longer made sense in the room.  It was fighting a losing battle against the big rug.

See what I mean?

This was a quick fix.  I found a black and white patterned fabric at Hobby Lobby that complimented the rug instead of working against it.  I peeled off the old fabric and used spray adhesive to attach the new.  Easy peasy.  That's the nice thing about spray adhesive, you can peel old stuff right off without any blood, sweat or tears.

I love quick fixes.  There are a couple other accessories in the room that needed the boot thanks to the Big Bad Rug and I'll be sharing those soon.  Anyone else dealing with zigzag stomachaches or pattern overload?  Do tell.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Mobile

A little while back B.J. bought a book called The Repurposed LIbrary as a gift for me from Anthropologie.  It's filled with fun crafts and decorating ideas all made from books.  I was drawn to the book mobile that's pictured on the front cover and I decided our dine-in library would be the perfect spot to hang one.

There was a great tutorial in the book on how to glue the individual pages and create the overall look, but it got a little fuzzy for me when it came time to attach the pages to the book cover and hang it.  I'll do my best to walk you through my thought process, but this was definitely one of those projects that I had to play around with and in the end it looked decent enough to hang.

First, I found a book that I didn't mind taking apart.  Unfortunately I don't love the cover of this random book, but I used what I had.  I think it would be easy enough to change out the cover if I come across a fun, vintage book.  Next, I used an exacto knife to remove all the pages from the cover.  I kind of destroyed the binding of my book cover in the process.  Oops.  Then, I started making loops with individual pages and used hot glue to attach the edges.

I glued four loops together as the main starting point.  From there I continued gluing individual loops in a random design that I liked.

I wanted to make sure the top was sturdy so I stapled it a few times.

I covered the staples with washi tape because originally I was going to hang it without the book cover.  That's a step I didn't need to do because in the end I added the cover.  Remember when I said things got a little fuzzy in the end?  That starts now.  After digging through drawers to find something to attach the mobile to the book cover, I came across a random wire with hooks on both ends.  I hooked one end to the paper mobile, then shoved it through the book cover and attached a string on the other end.  Clear as mud?  Good.

Finally, I put a hook in the ceiling and hung it up.  And, you probably noticed that I covered part of the book cover with scrapbook paper to make it a little more colorful.  The original blue color kind of faded away into the dark walls. 

So that's that.  If you have an old book laying around and you're in the mood to destroy something, this is a project for you!  Speaking of books, we're only days away from August, the dreaded back to school month.  I better get busy soaking up sweet summer time.  Pin It

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fabric Table Runner and a Gold Tray

When I chose to paint the dine-in library a dark moody color, I wished our dining table was either white or warm, rustic wood, not dark dark dark black-brown.  I still love the size and shape of our table so I definitely wanted to work with it in the room.  In hopes of helping it stand out against the dark walls, I decided to DIY a simple bold striped table runner.  (You might recognize the fabric from Charley's floor pillow.)

I don't even have step by step pics for ya because it all happened so fast and it was that easy.  I cut the fabric to size and used liquid stitch to hem all four sides.  I would have hemmed it with a sewing machine if I hadn't jammed it so. terribly. bad.  (Note to self:  Fix the sewing machine).  Once all four sides were "hemmed" I used the liquid stitch to add white pom pom ribbon to the short ends.  The ribbon was also leftover from my niece's doll bed project.  That means I spent zero dollars on this quick project!

I love the look of a tray in the center of a big table, filled with all kinds of stuff.  Every time I browse West Elm's catalog, I check out their lacquer trays, especially the gold one.  I decided to save the $32 and give an unused red tray a new look.

We've had this red plastic tray from Target for a few years, but rarely use it.  I was sure a little gold Rustoleum spray paint (and a coat of polyurethane for protection) would give it the look that I was after.

And it did!  It doesn't even look plastic to me anymore.  I topped it with a couple books, a ceramic jar, a plant and a few cloth napkins.  I was going for a casual cozy look, the same look that I wanted this whole room to capture.

So anyone using old fabric for a new project?  Or turing a cheap looking item into something a little more glamorous?  All you need is a little liquid stitch and spray paint apparently.  Pin It

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack!

My little family of three packed up the Jeep and went to Hilton Head for a week in paradise.  That's where I've been the past week and that explains why there have been crickets chirping on the ol' blog.  I brought the laptop in hopes of blogging throughout the week, but ahem, that didn't happen.  I'm actually super impressed that I let myself DO NOTHING during Charley's naps and do MORE of nothing after she went to bed.  We were lazy.  Like lazy lazy, and I loved it.  I'm a little nervous that I might not snap out of that vacation mode now that we're home.  Oh well. 

To buy myself some time before I get down to for realz blog business (as if this is a business), I thought I'd share a few pics that capture our time down south.  If you're thinking that we propped our feet up, sipped cocktails by the pool, lost track of time, and relaxed the day away, think again.  Vacation with a one-year old is sooooo not like that.  Especially when she thinks walking is pretty darn cool.  So basically, Charley walked, and we chased her.  No wonder we were lazy during her nap time!  It's all makes sense now.

Anyway, grab yourself a fruity beverage, throw an umbrella in it, and enjoy the show.  I'll be back soon with our regular scheduled programming.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

DIY Game Crate

There's something about a cozy dine-in library that requires board games readily available, no?  Not that B.J. and I whip out Scrabble to play after dinner.  We certainly do not.  Wordfued, maybe, but Scrabble not so much.  However, when we have friends and family over The Game of Things has been broken out once or twice.  Regardless of how much we play games though, I like the idea of displaying a few in a cute rolling crate, for ambiance if nothing else. 

You've seen those unfinished wood crates at Michaels or Joann's, yes?  They are somewhere between ten and twelve dollars a pop.  I had one holding some puzzles for Charley but swiped it for this project.  Don't worry, her puzzles have a new home.  I sprayed it with Krylon's Sea Mist (or something along those lines).  It's sort of a minty-aqua color.  In some of these pics it's reading more turquoise, but turquoise it is not.  Then I found a set of four casters at Home Depot and attached one in each corner.  Pretty simple.  If you have a drill and a screwdriver, this project's for you.

See what I mean about the turquoise?  Don't let this next pic fool ya. 

Once I filled the crate up with games, I sat it under the book ledges in the dine-in library.  Don't be surprised if I pick up another crate to make a second.  I think two would look much better sitting there.  Maybe one for adult games and one for kid games?  Sounds like a plan.

So, has anyone else turned one of those wood crates into something fun?  Do share!  And have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: Floor Lamp Numero Dos

One of my goals this summer was to scope out some new thrift shops.  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a consignment shop (This and That in Mason, for all you local peeps), and it didn't disappoint.  I was only in there for 15 minutes and I walked out with two wooden chairs, a small giraffe figurine, and a floor lamp. Oh, and I only spent $22.  Yep, that's right.  

I was actually searching for a floor lamp for the dine-in library so I was happy to find this one in the 75% off clearence corner.  That brought the price down to a whopping $4.95.  Sold.  For that price I wasn't worried about its too-big lamp shade or the shiny brass finish.  

After a few coats of Rustoleum's Pure Gold spray paint and a smaller lamp shade, it was looking so much less '80's and a lot more like my inspiration lamp from Restoration Hardware.  The gold finish is much more subtle than the original brass shine and the new white shade shows off the swing arm, which I love.

Here's the lamp that inspired me at Restoration Hardware (for $275 by the way)...

Library Swing-Arm Floor Lamp Antique Brass

And here's my thrift shop find with a little TLC...

Of course it's not an exact replica, but for $4.95 plus the cost of a new lamp shade (approximately 15 bucks at Target), it'll do juuuust fine.  So how about you?  Any thrifting lately?  
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