Wednesday, June 19, 2013

White Out

Some people might say I've gone a little bit nuts with white spray paint the last few days.  I can't argue that.  I knew when I painted our dining room walls dark pewter, it would be in need of white accents to bounce around some light.  Most of the natural light gets blocked by a big birch tree and tall bushes right outside the window, so anything reflective is welcomed into this cozy, dark space. 

This big mirror has been hanging in the dining room ever since we lived in this house.  The dark wood just wasn't going to cut it against the dark walls.  It would just fade away.

This small, ornate mirror was a yard sale find a few weeks ago.  I actually don't mind the gold finish on it, but white will just work better on the dark walls.

I had to take some time to tape around the edge of the mirror and cover it with newspaper before I could start the actual painting.  The prep and the clean up are my least favorite parts.  I'd like an assistant for those annoying tasks.  I'm talking to you, sweet husband of mine.

When I see the after pics, it makes all the tape, newspaper, and clean up worth it, though.  It's oh so crisp and clean.

Here's a quick glance back at the dining room before this makeover began.  I'd say things are looking a little more fresh around these parts.

The library dining room is moving right along.  I'm hoping for a full on reveal soon.  In the mean time, I have some other little projects to share with you.  I could get used to this summer break thing, how about you?

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  1. I LOVE those mirrors! So much better in white!! I agree whole-heartedly that prepping is theeee worst part, but seeing final products like these make you forget all about it, no? Great job! The room looks so awesome!!