Monday, June 10, 2013

Roll Out the Red Carpet

I take that back.  Roll out the charcoal and ivory carpet.

Some of you may have noticed in Friday's mini house tour post that there's a new rug in town.  I bit the bullet and FINALLY bought a new family room rug.  I'm justifying this purchase a couple of ways.  1.  It was 65% off on Memorial Day with free shipping.  2. We had a garage sale and made a little extra dough.  Mostly the 65% off sale got me good.  I'm a sucker for sales. 

Before I officially fell victim to the same, I thought hard about the pattern on this rug, wondering if it would be too crazy for the space.  And, word on the street is that chevron is on it's way out.  In the end though, I decided I like what I like, whether it's in or out.  I wanted a bold rug that would make a statement.  I think it does just that.

Now that I've welcomed this new crazy rug into our lives with open arms, there are a couple slight changes I'll need to make.  For starters, the fabric on the coffee table will need to be replaced with something, well, a little less chevron. 

It's a little much, don't ya think?  Let me just add a trip to Joann's to the to-do list this week and I'll let you know what I come up with.

Let's all take a walk down memory lane (as in, two weeks ago) and remember what the family room looked like with the cream shag rug.

And, of course, here's the new one, fitting in beautifully.  I think I kinda like it.

Anyone else justifying big purchases with crazy good sales or still attached to 2012's favorite chevron pattern?  Hopefully I'm not alone here.
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  1. Um...I am still completely obsessed with chevron whether it is in or out. I have been seriously considering a chevron rug for our playroom and seeing one in your living room may just be the selling point for me. It looks amazing!