Friday, June 21, 2013

Reading & Rocking

There's a new (to us) rocking chair in town thanks to my nephew.  He has long outgrown his wooden rocking chair, so my sister passed it down to Charley girl.  It's perfect size for her to climb into and out of independently, which she loves.  Turns out, it's perfect size for her to stand on, too.  In fact, she steps right up to the ARM of the chair and peeks her cute little head over the couch.  She's been removed from the situation on multiple occasions and the rocking chair has only been with us a few days.  Welcome to toddler-hood, eh?

When Charley chooses to, ahem, sit and read in her chair, it's seriously precious.  See for yourself.

Excuse me, little lady, but when did you get so big?

I'd say this little corner of the family room is shaping up to be one of Charley's favorite spots in the house.  I kinda like it, too.  There's just something about a child size chair and a basket of books that gets me every time.

P.S. I should probably mention that I'll be taking a little hiatus from the ol' blog next week.  I'll be galavanting in NYC.  No doubt I'll be instagramming along the way, though @lifeinprojects. 
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