Friday, June 14, 2013

2 Naps + 2 Bedtimes = A Painted Dining Room!

On day two of my summer break  I got down to business on my "things I want to accomplish this summer" list.  I wasn't wasting any time apparently.  I knew if I didn't start tackling some big projects I would waste all kinds of time doing nothing and I'd wake up one sunny morning and realize it was August.  We can't let that happen.  So on day two during Charley's first nap I started prepping the dining room for the dreaded trim painting party that was about to begin.  There was a lot of furniture moving and trim cleaning going on before I could start painting.  Fast forward through three more naps and two bedtimes and the trim AND walls were done.  Done!

Let's first take a peek into the dining room before.  Wood trim and brown walls ring a bell?

And now for a few pics of the process.

Even with all the madness that's happening in the dining room right now, i.e. the furniture in the middle of the room and the piles and piles of books, etc., I already know I'm in love with the color.  I wanted a moody gray, green, navy and that's exactly what I got.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Dark Pewter.  I was totally inspired when I saw Dana at Housetweaking use it in her daughter's nursery.  It gives the room the perfect cozy feeling a library dining room should have. 

I've already been busy making changes to a few accessories for the room that I can't wait to share with you soon.  Here's a hint...white spray paint and a staple gun.  Have a great weekend! Pin It


  1. Love the color! Now the fun part...designing the space. Can't wait to see it once you've done your magic!